Some of the Best Marijuana Strain for Growing

Best Marijuana Strain for Growing

Finding the right Marijuana strain to grow can be tricky especially if the grower is a beginner in this field.  This is the reason why it is important to consider first the many weed varieties available to make sure that you get only the best strain for growing cannabis.  The success of a marijuana growing devotion almost always with the right strain and it is from there that the next generation of weed will normally be acquired so start right to prevent disappointments.

One of the well-loved marijuana strains to grow is the Afghani weed strain.  It is a highly adaptable pot plant that can grow both indoor and outdoor.  Though it is a cross, it is believed to be mostly indica.  It can be grown easily and ready to flower in as early as 8 weeks under proper conditions. This strain gives a very good stoned high with a thc level of between 15-20%.

Another is the Blueberry ganja strain.  It is a combination of indica (80%) and sativa (20%).  Its origin comes from a cross between Purple Thai and Afghan cannabis.  It is a medium sized plant and therefore also ideal for planting indoors.  It has the distinct fruity blueberry taste where it got its name and the high it gives is known to last longer as compared to other cannabis strains.  This strain is winner of cannabis cup and also received many citations.  It is considered as one of the best indica variety by most enthusiasts.

There is also the Hawaiian indica strain which is a cross breed that has mainly a sativa genetics.  Its sativa orientation contributes much to its rich cerebral high that relaxes the mind and body.  This strain has a menthol and fruity taste which makes it even more attractive to both growers and smokers.

One of the more interesting and famous marijuana strain is the Northern Lights.  Its name is associated with the crystals that cover its leaves.  It is such a beauty to look at and many growers could not get enough of this cannabis plant.  Northern lights is a medium height marijuana plant and therefore can be grown indoors.  It is particularly famous in Europe and also taking centerstage in many other countries.

The Skunk marijuana strain is another of those that merits attention for those who wants to grow a strong weed variety.  It is mostly sativa which makes it good for smoking with its predominantly cerebral high.  It gives a strong pungent smell which tells you in a way how strong its thc content is.  Many other marijuana varieties were derived from this strain because it is used heavily as a platform for cross breeding.

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