A Growers Guide to Indoor Pest Prevention and Tools Handling

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Pest infestation is every grower’s nightmare come to life. You  wake up one morning to tend to your plants and discover that  Thrips  have bored holes  in the leaves and spider mites crawling all over the place. Keeping your grow room clean is the best way to prevent infestations. Doors must be kept closed at all times to prevent these pests to access your plants. Insects, fungi and other pests thrive in  a  filthy and moist environment, remember to get rid of decomposing  leaves and mulch. The grower and the  tools used also serve as a medium for the transfer of microorganisms. Growers should change their clothes and shoes prior to entering the garden. If  possible keep a set of shoes that should be only used for the indoor garden. Shoes harbor a lot of  harmful microorganism since it comes in  contact with the ground. Thoroughly wash your hands before handling the plants. Our hands carry millions of organisms that could harm the plants.

Remember to work first with the healthy plants, work with the diseased plants last. This is to prevent contaminating the good plants. The tools used have to be washed regularly with soap and water or disinfected with 70% alcohol. Seed selection has a big impact on your marijuana plantation. Before you purchase seeds, select those which have a natural resistance against molds and fungal infestation.  Cannabis Indica and Indica dominated hybrids have the highest resistance against pests, while Cannabis Sativa and Sativa dominated hybrids do well against fungal invasions.

Reused soil is another obstacle faced by growers .Some unsuspecting growers often reuse the same potting soil for several plants, little did they know that it would cost them future problems. The reused soil does not have sufficient nutrients to support plant growth and may contain harmful organisms that have developed resistance from pesticides. Before purchasing seeds read on the strengths and weakness the variety possess.

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Ventilation affects room humidity, the more humid the room, the more suitable it would be for the growth of molds and fungi. Keep your room well ventilated and purchase equipment that will help in providing the needed air flow. Ascertain that there is adequate air circulation. A strong   gust  of wind  is the natural enemy  of  insects, molds and fungi. The wind dries the room robbing moisture from the soil and plant  making  it difficult from fungal spores to settle.  It also  prevent  insects from easily  clinging  to  the plants.

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