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Buy Feminized Marijuana Seeds Online

There are admittedly many benefits when you buy feminized marijuana seeds.  For one, the possibility of having male cannabis is lessened if not totally eliminated.  Nobody wants to buy male cannabis seeds because they have no commercial value mainly due to its very low thc content and very few leaves as compared to the female variety.  Once identified as male, they are normally pulled out and separated from the female cannabis so as not to waste more nutrients needed badly by female weed plants.

It is easy to buy marijuana seeds of the feminized variety and this could be done just by placing an order in a chosen cannabis seed bank.  Some of the popular feminized marijuana seeds are even sold at a discount or with corresponding free seeds that go with it.  Take a look at some of the sought-after feminized marijuana seeds and decide if you want to purchase cannabis seeds now. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online For the first Time

The internet is still the most effective source for those who want to buy marijuana seeds.  There may be some perceived disadvantages in buying online and this is something that cannot be taken away from the minds of those who had no experience in transacting a purchase online and more particularly to order cannabis seeds online.  It is a given that marijuana is not really like other merchandise that can be easily transported at will across all borders so it is better to understand some important issues first before finally deciding to go online and order marijuana seeds.

The first consideration should be to identify the marijuana seeds order wanting to be placed online.  Identify first what you want to buy before deciding where to buy it.  This should be the foremost consideration of anyone who wants to buy cannabis seeds online.  Is it for medicasl purposes, then chances are there is a corresponding prescription or authorization to buy, grow and use that particular weed and there should be no problem in this case. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Crystal Rain and Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

There are those who buy marijuana seeds online by focusing only on the most popular seeds.  Rightly so and this is usually because of the limitation in the grow room if it is indoor growing.  Since the space is limited, might as well purchase cannabis seeds that will most likely be the most in-demand and sought after in the market for weed.  The same holds true with outdoor growing because too many different strains may not be advisable as losing focus might be the result of too many different pot plants being grown at the same time.

But there are also those who prefer and order marijuana seeds that they are most familiar with.  This should be the mentality especially if it is the first time to grow marijuana.  More than the popularity of a certain strain, the utmost consideration in most cases should be the familiarity with the cannabis variety wanting to be grown. Read the rest of this entry »

Buy Indica Marijuana Seeds online

If you are looking to purchase marijuana seeds online then consider the following excellent weed strains:

Pride of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

If you want a distinctly indica high, then buy Pride of Amsterdam Marijuana seeds online.  This strain is known for its high thc level of 21% which brings a really stoned feeling.  It is best grown indoor and its flowering period is between 9 to 10 weeks.  Those who buy cannabis seeds of this strain have no difficulty growing it that is why it is given an easy growing category.

Amsterdam Indica

For the indica lovers, it is a must to try and buy marijuana seeds with this strain.  It is easy to grow and at the same time has a thc content of up to 20%.  Distinctly Indica with a stoned feeling combined with an overall high. Read the rest of this entry »

A Growers Guide to Indoor Pest Prevention and Tools Handling

Pest infestation is every grower’s nightmare come to life. You  wake up one morning to tend to your plants and discover that  Thrips  have bored holes  in the leaves and spider mites crawling all over the place. Keeping your grow room clean is the best way to prevent infestations. Doors must be kept closed at all times to prevent these pests to access your plants. Insects, fungi and other pests thrive in  a  filthy and moist environment, remember to get rid of decomposing  leaves and mulch. The grower and the  tools used also serve as a medium for the transfer of microorganisms. Growers should change their clothes and shoes prior to entering the garden. If  possible keep a set of shoes that should be only used for the indoor garden. Shoes harbor a lot of  harmful microorganism since it comes in  contact with the ground. Thoroughly wash your hands before handling the plants. Our hands carry millions of organisms that could harm the plants. Read the rest of this entry »

Medical Marijuana Seeds for Sale

A good number of people who buy marijuana seeds online use it for medical or medicine purposes.  Some people have certain ailments that only the pain killing and relaxing properties of marijuana can give so they go to sources where they can buy cannabis seeds and plant their own weed for their own consumption.  When it comes to medical marijuana seeds for sale, there are certain strains that stand out from the rest.

California Dream

This is a cross between the sativa and indica varieties and can be grown either indoors or outdoors. It has a very potent almost 24% thc content which makes it as an ideal relaxant for those who suffer from certain conditions. Read the rest of this entry »

How to buy Marijuana Seeds Online

Even with the advent of modern technology and the presence of certain safeguards when it comes to those who want to buy marijuana seeds online, there are still those who are having second thoughts on buying marijuana online.  This is normal because of the inherent apprehension in paying first for something and then waiting for it to arrive.  Some people just could not part with the idea that they might just be taken for a ride.  To appease the mind of those who want to buy cannabis seeds online, here are some answers to the normally asked questions of people who want to buy ganja seeds online and it is hoped that it will in a way erase if not minimize their doubts.

Can Online cannabis shops deliver worldwide?

Most of the online marijuana sites have the capacity to deliver pot seeds worldwide.  However, the buyer has the obligation to tell the weed shop the pertinent laws of their country.  If they decide to buy pot seeds online, then it is assumed that they know what they are doing. Read the rest of this entry »

Deciding On the Right Marijuana Seeds to Buy Online

For several years now, a lot of new cannabis strains have been developed and this is the reason why when you decide to buy cannabis seeds online, it is hard to choose which among the many varieties will really give the desired yield and strength that is the hallmark of the best marijuana strain.  Many online ganja shops offer for sale marijuana seeds with a claim that those are the best and sought after by many growers.  One might think that it is only to promote a particular strain in order to boost sales but when you see other online marijuana shops that offer for sale cannabis of the same strain, then you should believe that it is really a popular strain because of the worldwide demand for such varieties.

Indeed, the many online marijuana shops are the effective barometer on what type of marijuana seeds to buy.  This is the general scenario and many people make the decision to purchase cannabis seeds online based on the recommendations given by the said online shops.  But even if certain for sale marijuana seeds are recommended, the buyer especially the newbies, must still consider what strain is applicable to their given condition.  This is because a good number of weed growers are still neophyte and a big number of online marijuana sales come from first and second time growers.  A superb and supposedly excellent marijuana seeds for sale may not be the best strain for a given growing condition so it is best to always consider the limitations inherent in the growing capacities. Read the rest of this entry »

Go Online and Buy Marijuana Seeds

The online marijuana sites serve as the useful source for many of those who want to buy marijuana seeds online.  Different cannabis strains are readily available online and this creates a healthy environment as far as the marijuana industry is concerned.  Anybody who wants to purchase marijuana seeds online can choose from hundreds of ganja websites offering for sale marijuana seeds.  There are cannabis websites from the USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands, UK and many other countries.  It is then up to the buyers where they think is the proper marijuana online shop is the best venue to order cannabis seeds online.

Anybody who meets the basic requirements can buy marijuana seeds online and the methods to pay for an online purchase is similar to those other merchandise being sold in the worldwide web.  It can be paid using credit cards and some individuals really do make use of their credit cards, debit cards, and even cash just like the mode of payment preferred by most people who order cannabis seeds online.  There are certain requirements for some countries and this must be known by the person who wants to purchase weed seeds and share the same information to the marijuana website.  This is because the marijuana website may not be capable of knowing the laws of every country so it is better to tell them the rules early on and before paying for the ganja seeds order. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Identify Marijuana Seeds

For those who want to buy cannabis seeds online, they usually make a choice between the strains available.  Some rely on the name given to a marijuana strain and the popularity that is attached to that name, while others have a more pre-defined idea on what ganja seeds they want to buy.  To the first, a good number of them are users and commercial marijuana breeders who want to take a hold of famous and in-demand marijuana seeds and later on possibly distribute the same.  To the second pertain those who have a specific use for the weed that they intend to purchase online and they could be those who buy marijuana seeds and grow it for medical research purposes, those who need it for personal medication like pain killer or relaxant and such other reasons.

This article would like to focus then on the 3 major varieties of the cannabis plant.  It is from these varieties that most all of the other strains were developed using cross breeding methods. Read the rest of this entry »