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Valid Considerations for Indoor Marijuana Growing

When planning indoor marijuana growing, several considerations must be made and among which are the following:

The Size of the Grow room

Like most plants, marijuana requires a lot of space and this is still true even if it is grown indoors.  That is why before buying marijuana seeds, it is important to first determine the size of the grow room.  If plenty of weed seeds are desired to be planted, then an entire room might be needed.  If however, only a few ganja seeds need to be grown, then a space as small as a closet space could be enough.  At any rate, the space needed for the pot plant to grow effectively is always an important consideration and it will depend on the limitations of the grow room space to a great extent.  Remember that there must also be space inside the grow room where work can be done. Read the rest of this entry »

Which Type of Marijuana Growing is the Best

 Always famous around the world, marijuana has created such a following that a lot of people not only use it to smoke but to grow as well.  Before, the usual method of growing cannabis is limited to outdoor growing, though indoor growing was also being done but in a less sophisticated manner.  Nowadays, marijuana is grown using the available technology and creativity on the part of the ganja grower.  Let us look then at some of the famous growing methods for marijuana and decide which is better for your particular situation, that it, should you decide to grow weed.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing

This is still very popular and actually is the best way to grow cannabis.  Being an outdoor plant, ganja needs a lot of sun, and other environmental elements that are needed by it in order to grow effectively.  Techniques are also now being applied in planting cannabis outdoors and some of which is by growing it between other tall plants like corn.  Mountainside marijuana growing is being done in many countries particularly those with tropical climates.  the less human intervention there is, the better for the cannabis to grow. Read the rest of this entry »

Marijuana Lighting Needs

The amount of light your plant needs vary on the type of  Marijuana you grow. Cannabis Sativa have less chlorophyll than Cannabis Indica, thus they  require more light exposure. Select the type of lighting needed by the breed you intend to grow. Lights must be properly installed and must maintain a certain distance from the plants to prevent the plants from overheating. You can determine if your plants are overheated by  inspecting the tips of the leaves .Shriveled  leaves would mean that the plant is over heated. Ensure that the room also has proper ventilation to dissipate heat which also prevent overheating. There are different kinds of lighting used Listed below are the popular  types used by growers.

Fluorescent lights are the cheapest and the most readily available type of lightning used. These lights come in varying lengths have an  average length  between 2-10 feet. There are  different kinds of fluorescent lights: the Grow Light Fluorescent produce blue  spectrum while  the Compact Fluorescent Light (CFL) produces red and blue spectrum. CFL  is the best choice among small  scale producer sand  is favorable for flowering plants . Although  cheaper than most lighting equipment, they produce less light. Fluorescent light have an average of  10- 300 watts. Read the rest of this entry »

Growing Weed Outdoors

Warm places with abundant sunlight, fresh air, sufficient water supply and fertile soil are perfect for growing premium marijuana outdoors. Pots flourish better and healthier in regions where temperature does not go below 75 degrees. For over a long period of time, outdoor weed growing is still the more preferred method because with the all natural cultivation process, you can produce a 100 % organic and pure cannabis breeds. Without much human intervention and just letting your precious ganja grow and fertilized on its own, it is proven much better in producing natural potent buds. Medical marijuana growers favour clean cannabis strains harvested outdoors to maximize the therapeutic properties of this wonder plant.

Outdoor setting for growing weeds starts with choosing the best strain seed suited for your environmental condition. Usually the ideal strain for outdoor growing is the cannabis sativa. The seeds should be healthy and virile. The ideal planting time for your seeds in warm areas in the United States should be between the last days of April to first week of May.  In other places, be sure that you plant your seeds after the last coldest season of the year. Good drainage is necessary so enough water can get through the fertile soil. Use only the least amount of fertilizer just when you only need to so you will maintain the 100 % purity and cleanliness of your cannabis. Read the rest of this entry »

Some Important Guides To Indoor Marijuana Growing

Choosing the right marijuana strain is the first and foremost consideration for any weed grower.  You don’t want to waste your time on something that you never really intended to grow so a better understanding of the ganja strains, their peculiarities and attending circumstances for growing must all be considered.  In looking for the proper strain, you also have to consider whether you will grow weed indoors or outdoors.  There are pot varieties that are grown exclusively indoors and there are also those that can be grown outdoors.  Beginners in particular normally choose those cannabis strains that can be planted whether indoor or outdoor and there are many such varieties available online where you can purchase seed weed variety of your own choice.

The next thing that must be considered is the kind of medium where to grow your marijuana.  Are you going to grow using soil or water for indoor growing?  If it is soil, then choose the soil that is best for growing cannabis seeds and it can also be bought online or in some local gardening and even pet shops locally.  Get the best soil available even if it costs a little higher than the others because you need to give your ganja the best especially during its initial growing stages. Read the rest of this entry »

Lights for Indoor Marijuana Growing

Indoor marijuana growing is said to be easier as compared to outdoor weed growing and this is because with indoor ganja growing, the grow room can be built and adjusted to particular specifications unlike the outdoor method where the environment is not controlled and the growth will depend on the conditions given by mother nature.  With indoor pot growing, the weed plant can be made to flower even if it is supposedly off-season.  Pests, diseases are also easier to control especially if the grow room is properly sanitized.  With indoor growing, other methods and platforms other than soil can also be used like hydroponics where water is the main vehicle used.  These are some of the reasons why indoor marijuana growing is ever-popular all over the world and many enthusiasts are expected to still follow this marijuana growing method.

Though indoor marijuana growing is more akin to the peculiarities of the weed grower’s needs and therefore easier as compared to outdoor growing in this respect, some guidelines must be strictly followed to make sure that ganja will grow according to expectations.  One of the important considerations is lighting.  It plays an important role in pot growing and it is present in most part during the growth cycle.  Without marijuana growing lights, one cannot expect the weed plant to survive in an indoor growing environment.  The lights take the place of the sun and therefore serve to provide the nourishment needed as far as lighting is concerned. Read the rest of this entry »

Find the right Marijuana Strain For your Growing Needs

For the uninitiated, growing marijuana can be a thorny issue to some extent.  This is because there are many several strains of weed that a failure to consider the characteristics of each may lead to a failure of the entire growing exercise.  Many first time cannabis growers have actually fallen to this dilemma in the past and it could partly be due to lack of the necessary informational sources especially during the time when the internet has not yet reached the kind of advances that it has today.  There are now a lot of online marijuana sites that can serve as a good source of information when it comes to the kind of ganja wanting to be grown so the marijuana growing enthusiast can now just surf easily for the needed weed information.

Sativa is a kind of marijuana strain that is found in the equatorial side of the globe and therefore thrives best in warmer climates.  They are basically taller than its popular counterpart the indica variety.  Sativa cannabis  has a distinct high when smoked and it is likened to a cerebral high that could either make the user smile all night over some silly things or induce mental calisthenics.  It is said that many of the popular songs of the past were written while high on this weed.  It is basically a happy high that is given by this marijuana wonder. Read the rest of this entry »

Soil or Hydro Growing Techniques for Growing marijuana

Growing marijuana is not that difficult nowadays because of the many weed growing methods now being used.  The approach now is very scientific such that there are available techniques for ganja growing starting from the germination up to the harvesting, curing, and bagging.  It can even be said in a manner that almost all stones were already turned upside down when it comes to pot growing. For sure there will be additional methods that will further be developed in the future when it comes to weed growing but right now, it is basically still either be soil or hydro.  That’s right, marijuana must have something to be planted on and it could be soils or water at this point.

The soil to be used will differ according to the stage of marijuana growing.  When the weed seeds have been germinated, it must be allowed to sprout in a special type of soil that has the proper ph because increased acid levels are not good for the sprouting marijuana.  The ideal soil could be a combination of several nutrients mixed in the soil and right amount of sand to make it less sticky and to allow the water to escape at the bottom holes of the cup or grow box.  This is true whether the intention is to grow indoor or outdoor as long as soil is the foundation where marijuana roots must take hold.  Soil as the mode of growing pot is still the most preferred and rightly so because just like any other plants, soil is the natural medium to grow them. Read the rest of this entry »

Cannabis Strains that Grow Better Indoors

With the availability of latest technology, growing quality marijuana indoors is very easy. You will be able to produce potent buds in just a short time without experiencing the difficulties of outdoor growing like insect pests, thieves and weather condition. It will be easier though to start with single strain so you have to deal with one temperature control requirement only. Determine which strain or variety is best suited in the atmosphere of the area where you intend to grow your ganja. Also, decide whether you are going to use soil or apply the hydroponic method to be sure of a good quality harvest.

Cannabis has two main strains which are cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. Sativa strain is usually taller and has longer body; and it grows better and yields good flowers in wetter and cooler areas. The indica strain on the other hand is shorter and has more compressed stems and twigs. Several indica varieties are more suitable in indoor growing because these usually have a maximum height of 4 to 5 feet only. Better crop with optimum performance is produced if you will use the hydroponic system with this strain. One of the best varieties of indica strain is the Northern Light Seeds and it has been around for the longest time. This variety in fact made indoor growing acceptable and very popular. Other strain varieties like Blueberry and Haze seeds are good crops to start with. Read the rest of this entry »

Some of the Best Marijuana Strain for Growing

Finding the right Marijuana strain to grow can be tricky especially if the grower is a beginner in this field.  This is the reason why it is important to consider first the many weed varieties available to make sure that you get only the best strain for growing cannabis.  The success of a marijuana growing devotion almost always with the right strain and it is from there that the next generation of weed will normally be acquired so start right to prevent disappointments.

One of the well-loved marijuana strains to grow is the Afghani weed strain.  It is a highly adaptable pot plant that can grow both indoor and outdoor.  Though it is a cross, it is believed to be mostly indica.  It can be grown easily and ready to flower in as early as 8 weeks under proper conditions. This strain gives a very good stoned high with a thc level of between 15-20%. Read the rest of this entry »