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Ideal Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Marijuana growing is normally divided into two modes of growing cannabis strains and it involves either indoor or outdoor growing.  For those who would like to have the best of both worlds and do have the option to grow marijuana on either side of the fence, then it is better to obtain marijuana strains that has the necessary features for both indoors and outdoors growing.  The good thing is there are indeed marijuana strains that can be grown in both modes.  So it is just a matter of choosing the right marijuana strain and eventually start with the growing adventure.

Amsterdam Indica Cannabis Strain

A mix between Northern lights and the Afghan strain.  It grows to a short 35-50 cm but it is deceiving in the sense that even while its short, it is known to produce a lot of big colas and it develops crystal-like resins on the flowers.  Flowering time for this baby is a short 8 to 9 weeks.  The thc content is quite high at 15-20%.  Many  serious growers have tried growing and maintained a stock of this cannabis strain because of its rare mostly indica features. Read the rest of this entry »

Choosing the Ideal marijuana strain for a Certain Growing Condition

While there are a lot of marijuana strains available for sale in the market and most especially in the internet, it must be borne in mind that not all of them can be made to adapt to a particular type of growing technique immediately and at the behest of the grower.  The cannabis grower in most instances is the one who has to adjust accordingly to the demands of the particular weed strain wanting to be grown.

Is it an indoor marijuana strain, an outdoor strain perhaps, or one of those that can be grown indoors or outdoors?  Whatever may be the method of growing to be adapted, it is best to look for marijuana strains that are particularly adaptable to that growing condition so as to make sure that the potential of the cannabis strain is maximized and that there will be no heartaches or blames to be passed upon later on. Read the rest of this entry »

Easy To Grow Marijuana Strains

For the first time ganja grower, they usually want to start their cannabis growing venture with a marijuana strain that will not be difficult to grow so they normally choose those strain which will not make things difficult for them.  Here are some of the marijuana strains that can be easily grown and therefore advisable for beginners;


This highly versatile ganja strain is very easy to grow and does not require a lot of attention.  It is also pest resistant.  Coupled with a happy high that this strain is known to give, it is very popular not only with first time growers but with long time smokers as well Read the rest of this entry »

Highest THC Content

Feeling adventurous (bordering on dangerous)? Well these strains with the highest THC Content are the answer to your cravings.  Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the higher the THC content the more psychological effect can be felt. Duration, tolerance, neurological, physiological and appetite are altered on different magnitudes depending on the concentration of THC.


This strain will leave you mellowed down and relaxed. With its high THC content, it’s sure to make you have a good time. Relaxing feeling all the way.

Highest Recorded THC Content: 23%

Taste: sweet

Smell: floral, lemon but often changing

Sensations: Lazy, Euphoric, Uplifting  Read the rest of this entry »

Picking Your favorite Marijuana Strains

If you’re new to smoking weed, it’s a good start to read about it first. There have been studies on different effects of marijuana based on various strains and route of administration. So an excellent start would be to read up on this to optimize your experience. The basics are that there are two main categories, Sativa and Indica. To crudely differentiate them, Sativa gives you a high, energetic, uplifting, optimistic feeling while the Indica gives you a stoned calm feeling.  There are also hybrids of the Sativa and Indica that produce a variety of effects.

On the medicinal side, the effect depends on the strains.  If you’re having trouble sleeping, Blue Dreams and Kandy Kush would give you that euphoric sleep you’ve been longing for. In the Sativa variety, Green Crack and Purple Kush are commonly recommended for pain relief. Read the rest of this entry »

Famous Sativa Marijuana Seeds To Grow

Though the sativa strain of marijuana grows only in the equatorial portion of the globe, many countries with colder climates have also managed to grow this wonderful cannabis strain.  It is famous for its cerebral high and also happy high feeling.  The sativa marijuana plant has lighter green leaves as compared to its opposite the indica variety.  The leaves are narrower and they grow taller which makes it mainly ideal for outdoor growing.  The sativa weed variety can now be found in many parts of the world and this contributed much to its popularity over the  years.

Aussie Blues

This variety is 90% sativa and can be grown indoor or outdoor.  the flowering period is expected between 10 to 11 weeks and it is not difficult to grow which makes it a favourite even by beginners. Read the rest of this entry »

Popular Cannabis Strains

Over the years, different strains have gain popularity for the legendary qualities they have. Connoisseurs have taken delight in many  pure and hybrid strains. Listed below are popular Cannabis strains that has outshone the rest due to the superior qualities they possess.

Super Lemon Haze

The Super Lemon Haze is a mix between the Lemon Skunk and the Super Silver Haze. This  variety has won the Cannabis Cup for two successive years. It has an enticing lemon flavor with a skunky hint. This Christmas tree like plant grows to about 4 feet when grow indoor and  9 feet when grown outdoors .It bestows upon its growers a bounty of approximately 700 grams. Read the rest of this entry »

Some Marijuana Strains with Medicinal properties


A hybrid  from Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. This  short plant grows up to 3 feet and has  features similar to a Christmas tree. It   serves as a good indoor plant, however it thrives well  and can be grown outdoors in a tropical climate.  Mazar has a earthy sandalwood flavor and has  a high  THC content ( approximately 19.5%). Valued for its sedative properties, Mazar can be used to treat anxiety, insomnia and promotes muscle relaxation.

Purple Kush

Popular  throughout the medical community in California among medical marijuana patients, the Purple Kush   displays the  classic Indica features;  a  short  hardy bush  with dark green leaves . The  buds are bundled together with purple tips, its flavor ranges from  a smooth grapey to a sweet pine flavor. It  delivers a deep stone, suitable for  stress and pain relief, anxiety, insomnia and anorexia . Its serves as a potent anti-emetic  among  chemotherapy patients .(The different treatment modalities for cancer  interfere with the brain  regulation for  vomiting) Consumers often report dry mouth as a common side effect. Read the rest of this entry »

Equipments for Different Hydroponic Growing Systems

There are different systems in hydroponic growing method and each system has distinct equipment/s or tool/s which deviates one from the other. There is no telling which among the systems works best because this depends on the marijuana varieties to be grown and the preference of the grower. Usually, hydroponic shops offer a complete kit for the systems, but this is usually more expensive than setting–up your own. There is also a good chance that some of the equipments included in the kit are not suitable for your general situation so it would be a waste of money.

The systems in Hydroponic growing method include Wick Grow, Ebb and Flow Grow and Top Feed Grow systems. The tank or reservoir which holds the water and all the necessary nutrients needed by your cannabis is one of the most important equipments for all the systems. It should be durable and sturdy with fitted lid so the nutrient solution will not evaporate. The vessel should be large enough to supply the nutrients to your cannabis for at least a week. It should be properly insulated and should be cleaned and drained every week. Read the rest of this entry »

Different kinds of Indoor Marijuana Growing

Some people think that indoor marijuana growing has a built-in disadvantage as compared to outdoor weed growing.  The main argument is because of the limited space inherent in a grow room, not much can be done in terms of maximizing the produce of ganja.  This has been proven to be a debatable claim because nowadays there are ways and means to increase the pot yield using the technologies developed over the years.  What is considered as a disadvantage has actually turned into an advantage of sorts for indoor ganja growing.  Consider the following indoor methods of marijuana growing and it will readily show that the disadvantages claimed are outweighed by the benefits to be earned using the said growing method. Read the rest of this entry »