5 Best Marijuana Apps You Can Count On

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One of the best things about modern technology is the developments that have been made in order to help us improve the quality of our lives. One small way in which this is happening is in the area of marijuana cultivation. We are now able to do more than just purchasing the best marijuana seeds for sale or yield tracking. It is also possible to put together plans in order to meet specific business goals or track your medical intake. This article shall offer discussions regarding the five best marijuana apps you can count on.

The Efficiency of Marijuana Apps to Your Best Marijuana Seeds for Sale

We reviewed what we think are the five best marijuana apps currently available on the market in order to help you decide which best marijuana seeds for sale suit you best. We have reviewed each app according to its features, pros & cons, and value.

What Are the Best Marijuana Apps?

The best marijuana apps for you will be the ones that best suit your needs. If you have an allergy or marijuana intolerance this may be an app to alert you to the ingredients of your marijuana products sold online. If you are looking to do your purchase for marijuana seeds for sale you’re your marijuana cultivation and breeding, this is the perfect spot for you so you won’t encounter any hassle sooner or later.

If you don’t like to have too many specialist apps cluttering up your phone, then you may want a multi-purpose app with a wide range of features for your best marijuana seeds for sale. According to Steve DeAngelo, each app appears to be very useful provided you have installed the right one.

1. What Does a Marijuana App Do?

Nutrition apps let you conveniently track issues that are important to your marijuana use for recreational and personal health. This could be tracking your marijuana dosage intake, calculations, weed strains, or more.

2. How Do These Apps Work?

Each app is different. Some will require you to input your reason for using the marijuana app, your personal information, medical history, while others will sync with your location and let you know what’s on offer at the cannabis stores you’re closest to.

5 Marijuana Apps You Can Download this 2019

These are the top five marijuana apps that will be very useful especially if you are looking for marijuana seeds for sale.

1. Massroots

As a social community application, you will be more motivated to use marijuana products since you are amidst the community of online users. It features dispensaries, brands, and strains for marijuana. It is just a social media that is used for marijuana use. Moreover, you can read on the latest news about CBD, the legislation of marijuana on your location or on other states/countries, and recipes you can rely on your marijuana use.

This can be downloadable on both android and iOs phone systems. This mostly reprimands you for not meeting goals rather than congratulating you for meeting or exceeding them. It is designed to help those who are trying to use marijuana medically. Massroots provides users with a list of local marijuana users with CBD options and suggests options that match with their medical or recreational requirements.

It is able to provide detailed CBD health information for all the CBD products in its database – ideal for if you need to keep an eye on your intake of certain nutrients. However, the list of cannabis stores is not yet comprehensive. We hope that as the app adds data it will continue to improve.


Helps users to track their marijuana product use
Easy user interface
Free for iOS and Android


Missing some significant marijuana stores
Becomes less effective if you have a lot of medical requirements

2. Weedmaps

Considered as the second most popular and useful application in iTunes, Weedmaps will be your one-stop platform as a depot of knowledge for cannabis usage. It also features maps where you can find the best cannabis stores for your marijuana seeds for sale purchase. It also highlights the delivery services that each store has to offer as well as the best-selling brand on a specific store that you can choose from.

Weedmaps helps you to track your marijuana intake and exercise to help you to live a healthier life. The app appears to be aiming for a more holistic and supportive vibe than many of the other marijuana use counter apps, with sections for recipes, marijuana use plans and social interaction between users. Many people have found this app helpful in achieving their health goals, though others mentioned that it was time-consuming to use and easy to lose touch with the real world.



The holistic approach to marijuana use and health


The user interface doesn’t work for everyone

3. Tokr

As it is used to promote the visions of marijuana use in the future, Tokr is just like your personalized platform for all your medical marijuana needs. It features the right THC amount for your medication as well as the best CBD product. The app curates the content for your own personal use that bridges the sellers, brands, and all clients for your next marijuana seeds for sale. It offers options to track activity levels, weight, and a variety of other features.

This app is primarily aimed at helping users to limit their marijuana use in line with legal consequences. It focuses on calorie counting but will not allow you to lose too much weight too fast. Many users found this app very helpful in achieving their recreational marijuana goals, but if what you really like is positive reinforcement, then this app may not be for you. Like many other marijuana use trackers, this mostly reprimands you for not meeting goals rather than congratulating you for meeting or exceeding them.


Helps limit your marijuana use
Good free version


Users have to enter everything they eat and marijuana intake
Full app more expensive than other apps

As an online platform for all cannabis breeders and growers, 420Friends offers usable information on the effects of marijuana use on your body as well as the best flavors of marijuana products suited for your needs. You can search all markets who sell marijuana seeds for sale, even though they work on the shadows or the listed ones. The user interface is easy to navigate, and though it can be annoying to have to log everything you take, many users have reported that this system helped them to achieve their marijuana use goals.

This app is designed to help you shop your marijuana seeds for sale well by giving you the information to make the best choices at each cannabis store. Users first enter their marijuana use goals, nutritional aims, and dietary requirements into the app. Then when they go to the store they can use the app to scan items they want to buy. This not only gives information on the nutritional content of those items but also lets users know how well they are doing in working towards their health goals with their marijuana-buying habits.


Helps to establish healthy use of marijuana and buying habits
Most cannabis stores participate in this scheme


Some marijuana brands and stores are not available
Some stores do not participate


Considered as the only app on our list that needs payment from its user, SimLeaf features the best graphics information and three-dimensional professional simulator for marijuana product use. Its marketing strategy has won the hearts of many medically-dependent marijuana users for their marijuana seeds for sale purchase. It costs three bucks on your online banking account but it is definitely worth it.

Its real selling point is that it contains nutritional information for millions of food products, including products from many restaurants. This takes the stress out of inputting your foods into the app, whether you’re staying in or eating out.

In addition, the app features an integrated barcode scanner which will give you the nutritional information of any product you can. This allows users to track not only their marijuana use but the finer details of their nutritional intake as well. Users can also input their exercise, sleep, weight, and other health factors into the app in order to track them.


Information on millions of marijuana strain types
Barcode scanner
Many tracking capabilities
Best user experience comes with premium membership

The Verdict

The best marijuana apps are all about helping you reach your own personal marijuana use goals. For some, this might be using marijuana for recreational or medical purposes. It will alleviate the issue to make life difficult or developing healthier shopping habits as a marijuana client. For others still, it could be learning more about which cannabis store offers the best and highest THC content for their goals. The best marijuana apps are in many ways a personal choice.

Whichever of the best marijuana apps you choose, isn’t it time you took charge of your health? Harness the power of the internet and the digital age to help you use marijuana in the best possible, avoid scams in online purchases of your marijuana products and seeds, and learn more about what you put into your body.

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