5 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds in Australia


Cultivation of cannabis, as well as recreational and medicinal use, is a booming business all over the world – and Australia is not a stranger to this. Despite the pending full legalization of cannabis, it is still the go-to “illicit” drug in the country. At present, Australia is in its third year of legalizing medical and scientific cannabis in the country. With slow and steady progress, here are a few things you need to know about the cannabis industry and how to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds in Australia.

Current Legal Situation of Cannabis in Australia

According to reports published by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Cannabis use in Australia is declared at 10% in 2016, which is roughly 2.4 million people. Cannabis is also taken more frequently compared to other drugs, where 34% of people state that they take cannabis at least once a week. In 2016, 85pecent of Australians agreed on the use of marijuana for medical purposes, boosting from 69% in 2013.

Because of the recent development in legalizing Medical cannabis, most of the Australian population is hoping for recreational legalization as well. As Canada is considerably setting a trend to other nations, Australia and its neighbor, New Zealand, might follow these footsteps as well.

In terms of prohibition and penalties, Australia deals with these things more on a local level. Most states have set fines and education programs against those caught with the possession of small amounts of cannabis.

In terms of import and export, there are federal penalties in place that are very strictly implemented. Strict law enforcement also applies to large-scale commercial cultivation and domestic trafficking of Cannabis seeds in Australia.

5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Autoflower Cannabis Seeds in Australia

Autoflowering cannabis plants are oftentimes underestimated in the worldwide cannabis market. At the beginning of its market introduction, breeders and growers did not take it seriously. But, after years of progress, Autoflowering strains can now produce higher yields and excellent taste and aromas. Australian cultivators and scientists likewise are advance in their cultivation techniques and are developing quite a few of their own excellent breeds which we can refer to as autoflowering cannabis seeds Australia or Australian marijuana seeds.

Autoflowering seeds in Australia were developed the same way by crossing the basic cannabis subspecies: Sativa, Indica, or their hybrids, with the cannabis Ruderalis, a variant originating from the cold mountains of Northern Russia. Unlike other cannabis species, the Ruderalis is not reliant on light and dark intervals for it to flower. Here are some other benefits of autoflowers, and why you should choose to grow them amongst others.

1. Autoflowers are independent of light.

The best advantage of autos is the fact that they are not dependent on hours of darkness and light in order for them to transition from the vegetative stage to their flowering stage. Most autoflowering strains instigate their blooming after three weeks from seed germination, no matter how much or how little light they get per day.

2. Autoflowers can yield more harvest.

The autoflowering cannabis variations can make it possible for growers to enjoy two harvests in one summer. Because the autos are not dependent on light and darkness cycles, you can choose to plant them any time of the year. You can even grow them outdoors if you decide.

3. Autoflowers are weather resilient.

This cannabis variant is more resistant to extreme climate conditions if you compare it to other varieties. The Ruderalis, which is a wild grower, shares this unique adaptability to the autoflowers.

4. Autoflowers are perfect for discreet growing.

Perfectly appropriate to the current Australian regulations, autoflowers usually grow up to 60 to 120 cm. They are quite easy to hide and designed for discreet guerilla growing. You can grow your autos in indoor tents, grow boxes, or grow cabinets. Even if you prefer Sativas, you can buy Sativa-dominant autos to enjoy their distinct tastes in relatively small sizes.

5. Autoflowers are easy to grow.

All in all, autoflowering cannabis strains are relatively easy to grow, as they are easy to manage and maintain. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether novices or experts, autoflowers are definitely worth a try.

If you would like to begin stealthy cannabis cultivation while awaiting the news of legalization, we recommend that you buy autoflowering cannabis seeds in Australia. Only transact with tried and tested seed banks, so you can assure high-quality seeds for a great yield.

5 Reasons Why You Should be Buying Marijuana Seeds in Australia

Despite the current regulations, the personal use of cannabis cannot be controlled and stopped.

Cannabis is still a developing industry, though it is in guerilla status at the moment. You might not find physical retail stores, but you can still buy marijuana seeds online in Australia or from seed banks online. Here is why you should buy autoflowering cannabis seeds in Australia.

1. The Australian cannabis industry is a hidden gem.

According to a study conducted by New Frontier Data in 2018, the Australian cannabis trade situation, whether the legal medicinal providers or in the black market, is worth an estimated $6.3 billion. The industry is on the verge of enormous growth, both locally and internationally.

2. Local Australian support is now hitting record-breaking numbers.

Most Australian politicians are playing safe and being mum about their stand on recreational cannabis use, but the general public is more vocal in their support. Last 2016, records were at 43% in a survey the Australian National University conducts. This value was significantly higher in comparison to their 2013 study. Now after another three years, if the trend continues, surely the majority of the public is in favor of full legalization.

3. Australia is well-known for being an expert in the agricultural export world.

When speaking about Australia’s Gross Domestic Product, agriculture is at the forefront of contributors. Farm production reports to be $58 billion. As an agricultural powerhouse, Australia is positioned well to take on the increasing worldwide demand for cannabis production. Even when looking purely at medical cannabis, the government is eager to back up local farmers to develop better Australian marijuana seeds.

4. Australian brands are famous and preferred in Asia.

Though the Australian market can be on a slower build in comparison to Canada or the USA, “Made in Australia” brand cannabis is well accepted by the international markets, particularly in the nearer located Asian countries. Reports show that Australian grown cannabis is a favorite in China, Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Australia is now an ultimately reliable source even for South Korea and Thailand.

5. More and more Australian-owned seed banks are opening.

With supportive international markets and promising government backing, there is an increase in Australian seed bank startups that continue building unique strains that will be well-loved by the cannabis community.

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