Some Advantages of Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Advantages of Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Nowadays, there are a select many brave souls who still prefer to grow ganja outdoor.  Although a lot of scientific marijuana growing methods have been developed to raise weed indoor, the natural way of growing it has not fully departed from many marijuana growing enthusiasts.  There is a strong basis to follow the natural way of growing marijuana outdoor and some of the advantages of growing marijuana outdoor are herein presented for consideration.

Marijuana Grows Better in their Natural Surrounding

Marijuana is basically an outdoor plant and because of this, it is expected to thrive if allowed to grow in its carefree environment.  There are the natural adversities attendant to an outdoor growing like parasites and pests but there are also available pesticides that can be used without affecting the growth of the weed plant.  Sunlight, rainfall, and other natural environmental elements all contribute to the full growth of any cannabis plant and this cannot be denied even by some hardcore indoor marijuana growers.

Outdoor Marijuana Growing has less Overhead Expenses

With outdoor pot growing, weed is exposed to the rich benefits of natural sunlight and the best part of this is that it is free.  No need to incur costly electric bills because of lights, ventilation, ionizer, and other equipments that need electricity to run.  There is also no more need to always be on the guard on when to turn on and off the lights.  With natural sunlight, the essential nutrients needed to effectively grow marijuana is already provided free of charge.

Outdoor Grown Weed has more Natural Taste

Some indoor growers may totally disagree with this premise but there are also a lot of marijuana reviews made and statements given declaring how outdoor pot growing produces weed that has a more natural and at the same time desired taste when smoked.  There is truth in this argument because marijuana grown outdoors is not normally exposed to many chemicals especially those properly protected from pests and parasites.  This can be achieved especially if the marijuana grow nursery is within a greenhouse.  The artificial growing method as compared to the natural way of growing marijuana will of course always have a difference and it could exhibit in many forms like taste, yield, and other factors.

So if the situation would permit, and this almost always is the main consideration, go for the natural way of growing cannabis.  All of its natural wonders will be exhibited once you get the chance to smoke a weed that is grown outdoors.  Just make sure you have the right seeds endemic in your location if outdoor ganja growing is to be started.  This is because an outdoor marijuana seed that is meant for a different environment and climate temperature may not be expected to grow and yield naturally in a different and totally foreign climate.

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