Basic Marijuana Equipments for Indoor Growing

Basic Equipment in Growing Outdoor

From the very start of the growing process, the equipments needed to grow marijuana must be ready.  This is to prevent unnecessary rushing of things when it is suddenly needed.  Prior to the arrival of the seeds, the grow box must already be prepared.  The grow box is where the seeds will be allowed to sprout and therefore it must be filled with the needed soil with all the necessary nutrients.  Some people don’t see the need for a grow box where the seeds are evenly distributed.  They instead prefer to use solitary cup that will werve as the vehicle for the weed seeds to sprout. When the seeds have sprouted, it must then be transferred to a bigger container where it is allowed to grow by itself.  The soil may vary at this stage as the concentration is for faster growth by means of the nutrients derived from the soil or other growing medium.

All throughout  the growing process, the cannabis must be given the needed light to grow faster and effectively.  During the initial stages, the lights might be open for 18 hours a day with total darkness taking over for only 6 hours.  The number of hours wherein the marijuana plant is to be exposed will vary as they mature.  Also, the types of lights that must be used will vary in the different stages of weed growing.  Another set of lights might be needed to induce flowering and so on and so forth.

Watering system equipment is also very important.   For those using the manual watering system, a simple watering douche can do especially if the marijuana plants are not that many.  But for those with a bigger grow room and therefore need more efficient watering equipment, they use a water tank and equip it with a motor that will automatically release water when it is needed.  Automating is pretty much the norm in indoor marijuana growing  as this is applied even in the lighting systems.

When the ganja plant has matured and eventually flowered, it is then ready to be harvested.  a new set of tools or equipment may be needed to harvest the buds.  A devoted shears or blade may still be used.  Some containers with lids are also necessary to be used for curing the harvest.  A drying room may also be needed if the grower is meticulous and it is where the marijuana plant is hanged upside down till it dries.

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