Basic Marijuana Equipments for Indoor Growing

indoor marijuana growing equipment

Growing marijuana doesn’t need to be that hard. All you need is the right indoor marijuana growing equipment, and you’re good to go. Below, we have built the most necessary marijuana growing equipment list, complete with everything for seeds to pots to lights and tents, some of them are for cheap indoor grow setup, these are perfect for newbie growers who would want to explore and while enjoying their journey in this industry.

Indoor Growing Equipment Essentials

If you don’t have any of the necessary indoor grow equipment, you’re destined to fail. And that’s the main reason why this complete indoor grow equipment list is so important. This is suited for you if you have an indoor grow room or any space you can make as a grow tent.

Grow Lights

One of the important things in an indoor grow equipment is Grow lights because as you would be growing indoors you will need a light source for your plant. I would suggest either LED or compact fluorescent grow lights for newbies.  LED lights are costly, but they would save your money in your electric bills, and the yield you would get is great. But, LED lights have a bit of a learning process. CFL lights are a perfect choice for those who want to grow one or two plants or for newbie growers because it is very easy to work with. However, CFL lights have a low yield, compared to LED. 

Inline Duct Fan

Also known as an inline fan or an extractor fan. Inline fans are vital for every indoor marijuana growing equipment activity. Extraction fans, cycle fresh air in, and out and maintain your tent or room down the temperature. Doing so is incredibly important because a wet and hot room would also lead to mold and also will attract pests more likely.

Circulating Fan

A circulating fan was able to help to replicate the outdoor winds. The only necessity is that they’d have adjustable speeds. The type and number of fans needed depends on the strength of your growing tent or the number of growing tents you possess. 

Carbon Filter

A marijuana plant entering the flowering stage of development releases a strong and noticeable aroma, and a filtration system would then help to remove the distinct and unique “weed” aroma that comes from the marijuana plants.

Fertilizer (liquid)

Performance fertilizer is a game-changing moment. It is suggested that you purchase a fertilizer containing: 6% potash, 7% nitrogen, and 5% phosphate. Fertilizer tags make things easy for you to buy these furniture pieces, although all you have to do is look at three big numbers on the container. The first is nitrogen, the second one is potash, and the third is phosphate fertilizer.

Watering Can, Small  Pots, and Large Pots

Your watering can take at least 3 gallons or ten liters. (This gardening equipment is really obvious which you might make sure to buy.) You will use small pots for marijuana clones and also marijuana seeds to avoid over-watering. Buy a different pot for every single plant. Large pots are where you’d like to transplant your cannabis plants once they grow bigger and start to flower.


You will have to ensure that your room or tents are at the right temperature and at the optimal level humidity to achieve maximum yield. A mixture of hygrometer and thermometer will make you do so as well, and they’re cheaper than $20.

Seeds or Clones

You will need to make a decision whether or not to use clones or seeds. If you’re using seedlings, I would really recommend purchasing your marijuana seeds from an online seed bank like Crop King Seeds.

Pure Water

Even if you are confident that your water is clean and fresh, you must use a water filtration system to make sure that your water somehow doesn’t contain any unwanted ingredients, such as fluoride or other pollutants. You could get your water via a filter, or you can purchase a gallon of water from your local store.

Hydroponic and Soil pH Testers-Meters

Too low or too high PH levels of your garden may be harmful. That’s why it is very important that you monitor the pH balance of your marijuana plant. You could also purchase pH testing kits for less than $10.


When growing marijuana indoors, using a growing tent or a committed growing area, you’ll want to imitate the outdoor setting as best you could do. So, as the sun isn’t shining 24 hours a day, you’re going to have to turn your lights on and off during the day. Given, a timer isn’t really technically necessary for indoor cannabis cultivation. And besides, because if you’re not using a timer, you can turn off and turn on your growing lights manually. As a result, without a growing lights timer, to ensure a good harvest, you will need to stay at home and have someone manually turn on and off your growing lights. Consequently, a timer is important for indoor marijuana growing equipment if you need a break.

Grow Tents or Grow Box

If you grow marijuana in a dark area—”growing room”—attic, closet, etc.—growing a tent or growing a box is not extremely important, since you can buy a Mylar sheet to stop any light from trying to come into the growing room. Nevertheless, if you could somehow afford it, I would suggest that you purchase growing tents as they not just to make it much easier for you to keep an acceptable growing environment; they also work hard to keep mold and pests away from your crops.

CO2 Regulators

This is not extremely necessary. But decent carbon dioxide concentrations can possibly boost your marijuana yield by up to 30%.


I hope you’ve found this indoor marijuana growing equipment checklist useful. How much of these tools have you got? You would perhaps think, “wow, I can’t even afford this much stuff! “know, you don’t certainly have to use every piece of marijuana growing equipment on this list. If you are on a tight budget, the best recommendation is to grow a single plant. Growing one plant means you’re going to need a smaller growing tent, less costly lighting, and less electricity.

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