The Best Female Cannabis Seeds to Grow

Best Female Cannabis Seeds to Grow

If you want to grow marijuana, chances are you want to get only female marijuana plants because it is the one thing that is useful to weed users. Male cannabis actually must be removed after it is identified and has pollinated the female seeds.  There is almost no use or commercial value for a male marijuana plant that most growers don’t allow it to grow side by side with a female plant.  In most cases, it is just a waste of time and even a threat to the female marijuana because it jockeys for the needed space and nutrients.

To make sure that you get only female marijuana in your stock, it is necessary to buy marijuana seeds that are feminized.  Feminized marijuana seeds will ensure that you will get to grow only female cannabis minus the male variety.  One of the best and famous feminized ganja seed sold in online marijuana website is the White widow feminized seeds.  It is very popular across a variety of weed users worldwide because of its distinct taste and the high THC that it gives. 

The female Mandala strain is very popular especially in Amsterdam and a lot of marijuana smoking enthusiasts normally smoke this strain in coffee shops.  It has a smooth taste with a strong high.  One of the beauty of this ganja variety is its known resistance to pests and to mature early.  Godd for beginners in particular because it can also be grown whether indoor, outdoor and even grows better in hydroponics.

The female low Ryder #2 ia also one of those sought after varieties not only because of its distinct very high THC but also the up feeling associated with its high.  It produces a good number of leaves and buds and can be grown indoors and outdoors which makes it great especially for those starting to learn the ropes of weed growing.

The feminized marijuana strain known as Super Silver Haze is also another of those varieties that is preferred by a lot of weed growers.  It has a nice aromatic scent with a very high thc.  For the budding weed grower, it is best and more often advised as the ground breaker because it is easier to grow and at the same time resistant to pests.  It has won many awards in several Cannabis cups and that is why it remains popular up to now not only to weed growers but also to a lot of pot smokers worldwide.

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