Best Selling Marijuana Seeds

Best Selling Marijuana Seeds

For those who would like to find out what the best selling marijuana seeds are, we have selected a few cannabis strains that are recommended by most online pot shops as hot items as well as ranked within the top ten by most of them. The selection does not end there because these strains are also the most in-demand to weed buyers and many buy marijuana seeds online with the said varieties.

White widow

First introduced in 1995, this lady never left the scene since then and up to now continues to earn rave reviews from long time smokers and first timers as well. It is a mix between sativa and indica and best grown indoor. Many first time growers buy ganja seeds of white widow because it can easily flower in just a span of 8 weeks which is a short time as compared to other less popular strains.


A must for beginners who want to buy cannabis seeds online. This strain has a superb caramel taste, hence its name, and has a just about right 17-20% thc content. It is produced using a mix between sativa and indica so it has a shorter flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks. This marijuana strain has been in the scene for more than ten years now and there are still those who prefer to start with their cannabis growing adventure using the cannabis seeds order that they make with this variety.

Big Bud

This marijuana strain droops down because of the big buds that is has. Also the result of the mix between sativa and indica, buy weed seeds of this variety and experience a stoned high yet happy feeling. Flowering period reaches up to nine weeks and it can be grown easily whether indoors or outdoors so it is advisable for beginners to test their green thumb and buy marijuana seeds of this strain.

Super Skunk

Looks like an alien life form to some, still many buy Super Skunk marijuana seeds online. It was specifically bred for those who could not get enough of the cannabis with skunk strain. It has such a strong smell that without proper ventilation, the entire grow room will be dominated by a particularly skunk scent.

Light of Jah Marijuana Seeds

Very famous and a lot of first timers as well as expert growers buy marijuana seeds with this strain. It is predominantly a sativa strain that can be grown indoors and outdoors. though takes longer with flowering, 10 to 13 weeks the most, the wait is still well worth it.

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