Best Selling Marijuana Seeds

Best Selling Marijuana Seeds

For those who would want to find out the best selling marijuana seeds, here are some selected marijuana strains that are mostly recommended by most online seed shops as hot items, and also most of them are ranked at the top ten. The picking doesn’t end there because these cannabis strains are also the most popular with marijuana enthusiasts and many buy cannabis seeds online with the said variation. 


Northern Light is an indoor name at the moment, and its time-checked recognition is all due to its intense, and strong high. This best selling marijuana seeds would reach a height of around one meter indoors, or two meters outdoors. It flowers in just 7 to 8 weeks, and the resin-covered on the buds generates an amazing growing impact regarding the end of the growing phase. 


Evolved from the famous Haze cannabis strain in Holland by an American immigrant, Amnesia Haze generates the intoxicating head high that Haze variants are known for. Amnesia Haze is perfectly grown indoors, and regardless of its long flowering period. You can assume a yield for up to 70 – 80 grams/ single meter-tall plant, and the power of the smoke with the extra fruit flavor makes the harvest worth the wait. 


This best selling marijuana seeds were first grown in the Netherlands, White Widow was evolved from a Brazillian pure Indica and Sativa hybrid. Its popularity leads the way to the seeds strewn all around the world, now every seed bank has their very own knockout variant of the classic. White Widow strain is perfect for newbie growers due to its low maintenance. Not like other cannabis strains, it could literally be grown in colder environments, and the clean head-high and pine flavor would make this one of your absolute favorites. 


Royal Gorilla is one of the best selling marijuana seeds and also one of the strongest strains.  This powerful marijuana strains all the way from the U.S the only place where it had been available until now and the best selling marijuana seeds in America. With an average THC content of 25% and more than 30% based on the phenotype, this amazing beast would take you soaring the skies or give you the couch-locking effect. 


Power flower is the best US medical marijuana selling seeds and a reincarnation of Power Plant strain, Amsterdam’s most popular and widespread strain. It is a high-yielding cannabis strain that is quite easy to grow indoors, making it a perfect choice for recreational and medicinal cannabis growers. Those people located at northern latitudes will absolutely struggle to get Power Flower strain to thrive, but cannabis growers in warmer environments would find it relatively easy to get a 65 – 85 grams yield from their plant. It has a lovely citrusy flavor that gives a mellow high. 

Best US Medical Marijuana Selling Seeds

Since all marijuana strains have medical properties some individuals choose a mixture of various strains to fit their needs. CBD-rich cannabis strains could offer medical impacts without the high related to high THC strains, even though much of the studies point to the requirement to mix both Cannabinoids to acquire the maximum advantage as part of the escort impact. You could also find various variants fitted during night time and day time use. Pick a cannabis Sativa for once you need to stay alert and an Indica for when sleep and relaxation is the goal. The following are the best US medical marijuana selling seeds.

CBD Cheese Autoflower

These best selling marijuana seeds in America is Cheese has long been famous as an effective treatment of relieving stress, and the uplifted CBD in this lineage of the family expands that potency to the likes of depression, anxiety, arthritis, persistent pain, muscle spasms, PTSD and insomnia.

Just like other members of its family, CBD Cheese also is competent in inducing a devilish case of the munchies, making this cannabis strain perfect for anyone suffering from a lack of appetite – you will be eyeing up the foods in no time. 

24k Gold Feminized

The stable nature of 24K Gold Feminized made her a special versatile cannabis strain for therapeutic consumption. Even though the possible uplifted THC also made this cannabis strain to offer with caution, if your resistance is not especially advanced. 

During the dawning stages of the experience, the mood-enhancing properties of 24K Gold made this cannabis strain excellent for dealing with a large variety of psychological problems. Mild cases of everyday stress, depression, and the infrequent bout of social anxiety could all be reduced with measure intake. If you are just simply feeling drooped at the end of the day and require an emotional stimulant, these beauties get to work in a matter of seconds. 

Although it is in the physical feeling that 24k Gold really gleams. By relaxing the body in its totality, this extraordinary hybrid could be perfect for the temporary uplifting of pain, stiffness, and aches. Chronic migraines and headaches patients also have welcomed relief after using these nugs and patients with arthritis. Nausea and low appetite also are not a match for 24k Golder, which would sooner or later assure the types of long-lasting hunger pangs you are powerless against. 

A.C. Diesel

The medical purpose of Sativa is related to a cerebral high, and many suffer tonic effects. For this reason, cannabis Sativa is sometimes used during day time treatment. It might cause more of a happy high impact and tends to restore hunger, creating it possibly useful to patients with anorexia or eating disorders. Cannabis Sativa also shows a high potency to generate paranoia and anxiety, so patients valuable to these effects might limit reception with pure Sativa. 


Nothing’s important more than making you pick the right strain for your needs. There are actually thousands of various types of medical seeds available from breeders all around the world. Each cannabis strain is having its own radically unique properties, effects, and benefits. The significant thing to remember is that nobody is in a better place to recommend you than your doctor. If your present doctor is unwilling or unable to advise on marijuana issues, maybe look for a second opinion. 

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