Buy Crystal Rain and Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

Crystal Rain and Aussie Blues Marijuana Seeds

There are those who buy marijuana seeds online by focusing only on the most popular seeds.  Rightly so and this is usually because of the limitation in the grow room if it is indoor growing.  Since the space is limited, might as well purchase cannabis seeds that will most likely be the most in-demand and sought after in the market for weed.  The same holds true with outdoor growing because too many different strains may not be advisable as losing focus might be the result of too many different pot plants being grown at the same time.

But there are also those who prefer and order marijuana seeds that they are most familiar with.  This should be the mentality especially if it is the first time to grow marijuana.  More than the popularity of a certain strain, the utmost consideration in most cases should be the familiarity with the cannabis variety wanting to be grown.

For some who want to buy marijuana seeds online but have really no idea on what strain in particular to order, the many online marijuana websites provide the needed information in many instances.  Since not all those who want to buy cannabis seeds really has the expertise necessary to choose the ideal strain, marijuana websites fill the gap by providing the needed information.  It is then one of the aims of this piece to re-introduce a couple of the enduring marijuana strain and still in the list of a good number of people who want to buy ganja seeds online.

Crystal Rain Marijuana Seeds

A relative of the white widow strain mixed with the equally famous northern lights, it has big buds that are at the same time sticky with a dashing sweet scent.  You may think this strain is the slow and mellow type but it is actually a fast hitter that will readily give you a happy and stoney high.  This is a mix between indica and sativa so the growing requirement is just about right for the beginner.

Aussie Blues

A famous strain bred for the discriminating.  it is a mix between Light of Jah and Azura.  This strain is 90% sativa and alot of expert growers also buy cannabis seeds of this strain.  It is more like a collector’s item for the connoisseur and almost always a part of many marijuana collectors/  the high is a potent 17-20% sativa and it can be grown indoors or outdoors and this makes this strain a versatile weed.

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