Buy Indica Marijuana Seeds online

Indica Marijuana Seeds

If you are looking to purchase marijuana seeds online then consider the following excellent weed strains:

Pride of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

If you want a distinctly indica high, then buy Pride of Amsterdam Marijuana seeds online.  This strain is known for its high thc level of 21% which brings a really stoned feeling.  It is best grown indoor and its flowering period is between 9 to 10 weeks.  Those who buy cannabis seeds of this strain have no difficulty growing it that is why it is given an easy growing category.

Amsterdam Indica

For the indica lovers, it is a must to try and buy marijuana seeds with this strain.  It is easy to grow and at the same time has a thc content of up to 20%.  Distinctly Indica with a stoned feeling combined with an overall high.


A combination of sativa and indica, with indica slightly dominating the combination, this weed strain has a tasty fruity flavour coupled with a strong high.  It is a proud result of a mix with Light of Jah weed.  Those ho love to collect different marijuana strains normally buy cannabis seeds with this strain.

Early Misty

A relative of the famous white widow, this marijuana strain elicits a strong aroma and taste although the high is not that potent at 11% so it is recommended for both first time grower and smoker.  It has beautiful looking leaves which make it even ideal for a balcony plant. This strain is mostly indica and thrives best in an outdoor setting.

Ganeshas Dream

Buy cannabis seeds of this variety and you have it ready and flowering in 8 weeks time.  One of the rare 100% indica strain, it remained untouched as a breed for a long time now and this is because it has constant following from indica lovers worldwide.

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Hindu Kush

This mostly indica strain is best grown indoor and ready to flower in just 8 weeks.  The growing expectation is on the moderate side and this is why even some newbies buy marijuana seeds coming from this strain.  The thc content is a perfect 15-20%  which is just about right.


Not all marijuana online shops has this variety so whenever a chance is available to order cannabis seeds of this variety, many of the weed enthusiasts never pass up the opportunity to get the seeds of this plant of beauty.  It is mostly indica with a 17 to 19% thc level.  the high is distinct and not comparable to other strains of indica.  It can be grown both indoors and outdoors and this makes this strain a versatile one.

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