Buying Marijuana Seeds Online: Guidelines for a Newbie

Marijuana Seeds Online

Most customers who are buying marijuana seeds online are beginners and first time growers. More often than not, they rely on their vendors which variety or strain is the best for them considering the location, the intended growing method, the climate and weather condition in their place and their cultivation skills. Luckily, established online seed shops provide a compilation of easy to understand growing guides, helpful tips from germination of seeds to harvesting up to drying and hashing method, critical strain reviews and feedbacks, and honest to goodness seeds recommendation.

To help beginners grow premium cannabis plants out of the seeds they bought online, seed shops preselected strains which have high germination rate, grow faster and auto flowering. Most premium seeds recommended for newbies are guaranteed to have more than 90% of germination rate so inexperienced growers will have less burden for this growing phase. Representing the perfect strains for newbies are Durban Poison, Citran and First Girl marijuana seeds. Of course there are our consistent best sellers and the classic top strains: White Widow, Early Misty and Cheese marijuana seeds. There are also varieties available for growers with limited budget. This includes Skunk Red Hair, Ganja Dwarf and Medijuana marijuana seeds.

There is a wide variety of choices among specific marijuana seeds categories. There are seeds for greenhouse growing, indoor growing, outdoor strains, the preferred and world famous white strains and medical weed seeds. How to build your grow room, identifying the best site and preparing your location are important point of considerations to be a successful grower. According to seed bank reports and from veteran marijuana growers, the wisest choice for best cannabis seeds online is the all time best sellers, the classic strains. These strains have proven over the years to provide a stable supply of highest grade produce.

Seasonal sales promotions are being offered by some online seed shops. During summer time, selected marijuana seeds are sold at more affordable prices to encourage users to grow their own pots. Growing marijuana is at its best at this time of the year so newbies are being enticed to be a part of this fun and rewarding farming hobby.

Other important aspects to consider in buying seeds online aside from the quality of the seeds are the security of your parcel, shipment details in your area, availability of order tracker, and payment methods. With these guidelines, newbies and their parcels can never go off track.

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