Buying Marijuana Seeds Online Safe and Sound

how to buy cannabis seeds online safely

How safe is buying marijuana seeds online? Buying marijuana seeds for collection or personal purposes other than growing marijuana seeds is entirely considered legal. Nevertheless, the legality of marijuana seeds is sometimes very confusing. Many countries, states, and territories permit the use, cultivation, and possession of small amounts of marijuana, while some other countries and states have entirely banned while more countries and states are decriminalizing marijuana. In this article, we will share with you how to buy cannabis seeds online safely, or is it safe buying marijuana seeds online? Let’s explore the online world and search for the best place to buy marijuana seeds.

How to buy marijuana seeds online safely?

There are still a lot of cannabis seed banks trying to scam customers, offering terrible customer service, little or no assurance, and selling bad cannabis seeds. Therefore, it is very important to do research before buying marijuana seeds online safely. But doing research is just not enough, so we come up to make a list of how to safely order cannabis seeds.

  • Check the legislation of your country

Even though the laws in the Netherlands permit the small number of marijuana seeds to be solid to users, it does not mean that marijuana seeds and the germination of the marijuana seeds are allowed where you reside. Therefore, we highly suggest that first check the marijuana law in your country when it comes to importing marijuana seeds before you buy online. 

  • Choose a reputable and reliable seed bank from the UK or in the Netherlands

Many marijuana seed banks are located in the UK, the Netherlands, and Canada. Dutch cannabis seeds banks are sometimes located around Amsterdam, the source on where the top-quality cannabis seeds come from and where most brains of the industry could be found. Therefore, it is best to buy from a reliable cannabis seed bank with a long service record for the best-quality marijuana seeds. 

  • Don’t spend hundreds of money immediately

If you’re planning to buy marijuana seeds for the first time and you want to do it safely, we suggest starting with small quantities of seeds. The small order of seeds the lower the risk, you’re allowed to test the cannabis seed banks and the quality of their product.

  • Separate you order

When you’re planning to buy multiple cannabis seeds it is advisable to separate your orders. For instance, by buying marijuana seeds from different seedbanks or by placing small quantities at different times. 

  • Safe and stealth payment methods

Nowadays, online credit card payments have become very secure and safe. Like Crop King Seeds, most seeds offer banks the opportunity to buy seeds with credit cards through an external payment service offering different benefits. 

  • Abbreviation, initials, and name

If you don’t want your name to be linked with any marijuana-related products, you could choose to order without a trace and track and you will not have to sign for the post once it arrives in your place. In this case, you could use a different abbreviation, name, or just your initials at the postal address. 

  • Use another email address

Also, you can use a general email address without putting your own name.

  • Have the order delivered to another address

You could also ask your friends or family if they can send the seeds to their address.

  • Choose a shipping option with no signature

Registered mail, like Track and Trace, normally needs a signature upon receipt.  You can order without track and trace for your own discretion, but there is still a drawback to take into consideration. You likely won’t see where your order is going without Track and Trace.


We have to concede that it’s complex and difficult, as much as we’d like to give a definite answer to the title. You could buy cannabis seeds in many other states where growing cannabis is legal, however, the problem is obscured by the reality that cannabis is illegal at the federal level. And then there’s the minor thing of the complexities of state or even local law.

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