Cannabis Guide: Auto Blueberry Grow Time


Blueberry feminized seeds were the start of a beautiful tren in marijuana hybridization. All of this started back in the day around California, in the 1970s’, with both the crossing of diverse genetic races. It took 3 lineage stairs and years of extremely selective breeding to produce the Blueberry autoflower that we all love today. This wasn’t just the origin of the Blueberry cannabis strain family, but it was a large step forward into indoor cannabis growers. All throughout the early 90’s, Sativa cannabis plants have always been mercilessly hybridized with the Indica breeding stock. Sadly, the cost of the fast evolution of indoor cannabis cultivation has been the failure of pure Sativa cannabis strains. The progress of Indica-Sativa hybrids has permanently changed the cultivation of marijuana. Keep reading if you want to know more about Blueberry cannabis seed and Blueberry cannabis growing tips.

What are Blueberry cannabis seeds?

Blueberry cannabis seeds might well be known for its exhilarating aroma and taste, but this cannabis strain is much more than its terpenes. Even though technically hybrid, Blueberry marijuana is a strong indicator that provides high euphoric content. Come on for a taste, but remain for the impacts, this berry-flavored award winner is sure to become a crowd’s favorite. Blueberry marijuana strain is among the most widely acquired marijuana strains in medicinal marijuana counties. This cannabis strain has also won the “Best Indica of the Year” in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Its own distinctively blueberry flavor, color shades, and the long-lasting effects, gain popularity all over the place it is growing. It is not too hard for the Blueberry marijuana grow; but, you are going to have to give this plant more than enough room for you to have the best results. 

Blueberry Strain Origin

Blueberry marijuana strain originated in the 1970s’ by combining the 3 different genetic strains. It is no wonder that perhaps the cannabis strain was a success, even when its parents are already some of the most potent cannabis strains in the market today. Blueberry marijuana seeds were first bred by DJ Short from Thai Sativa, Purple Thai Sativa, and Afghani Indica in America. Ever since its genetic makeup has been adapted to today’s award-winning Blueberry marijuana plant.

Effects of Blueberry

Blueberry marijuana seeds would also make you feel relaxed and happy and a little bit of euphoric before you fall asleep. Credits to its healing effects of CBD and the bizarre mix of other Indica strains, Blueberry feminized seeds could relieve depression, stress, and tension. Modest euphoria encountered with this cannabis strain must not move away those seeking medical attention, because sleep would then quickly follow in its shadow. 

Medical Use

Patient users have found some great success in using Blueberry autoflower to treat their migraines, nausea, mood disorders, nausea, and conditions like ADHD. 

Is Blueberry Strain Hard to Grow?

After you have sprouted your Blueberry cannabis seeds, you must see a medium-sized cannabis plant that needs some know-how for proper growth. The flowering period of 6 to 9 weeks must lead in a modest harvest of resinous cannabis buds of around 400 grams for every sq meter when grown indoor, or around 600 grams for every plant outdoors at a perfect temperature. Based on the circumstances, lower yields are necessary, however, this outstanding medical cannabis strain also isn’t usually grown because of its large harvest, and somewhat, patients growing indoors are looking for strong effects. 

Growing Blueberry Marijuana Feminized Seeds

Blueberry feminized seeds are female plants, unlike male cannabis plants, the ones who actually generate weeds. They begin to flower once they obtain less light each day, for example, in the fall or even when you modify the light schedule indoors. Blueberry cannabis seeds turn into dense, fat plants with red, purple, blue shades. Plants may grow tall, but they often tend to grow large and need a lot of space to survive. 

Best Climate For Blueberry Plants

Blueberry Marijuana plants are best grown indoors for most growers. In this case, you could control the environment to make it more successful. However, when grown outdoors, they could also thrive if they have a sunny climate with a lot of fresh air. 

Flowering and Yield

Blueberry marijuana grows faster to flower when grown indoors. It only takes around 9 weeks to flower on average. You could yield up to 18 ounces of usable marijuana for every square meter at harvest time. Nevertheless, more of this would be limited by your space available, as the cannabis plants would then need it to achieve their full potential. In an outdoor environment, yields may be higher. It would vary depending on nature, however. If you do have mild winters and plenty of sunshine, you can yield nearly 25 ounces for every plant and harvest around mid-October.

Flavor and Aroma

Blueberry feminized seeds are famous for its fragrant scent and sweetness. Every after toke, you will notice a hint of earthly pine simmering in the air. Your tongue would then water in the excitement of the taste of juicy blueberries. And, as the name says, this cannabis strain also tastes like fresh, delicious blueberries. Be prepared for a fresh fruit and vanilla blast as you find pleasure in the sticky blueberry buds.

Final Thoughts 

Blueberry autoflower is not the easiest range for newbie growers, and it can be a nimble feeder. But this will pay back its most experienced growers with a wonderful harvest of maybe one of the best marijuana varieties available. We advise that growers make sure that their growing-room conditions are just as good as possible. Blueberry cannabis strain flourishes in a stable and growing climate. Cold weather would then promote the production of blue and purple shades. If you’re growing indoors, try to let these cold airflows into it’s growing room in the middle of the flowering period for an outrageous special impact. You can buy blueberry marijuana seeds at any reliable seed bank like Crop King Seeds.

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