Cannabis Guide: Auto Blueberry Grow Time


As you guys know, the cannabis scene around the world is undergoing constant innovations each and every day. For one, many cannabis seed breeders produce and uniquely develop all kinds and varieties of marijuana strains. However, there are still certain marijuana strains that are still in high demand even if they have been in the market for quite some time now. One of these strains is blueberry cannabis seeds. This legendary strain gives many marijuana growers great joy over the years of cultivating it. But now, this amazing strain comes in blueberry feminized seeds. It is one way of taking this instant classic and giving it a modern twist. Read more below and see our blueberry cannabis growing tips!

In this article, we will learn about the many ways of how to cultivate this great marijuana strain. Not only does it captivate users with its dark blue hues and sweet, fruity scents. It also provides smokers with a unique high that will hook them within the first few hits.

Why you should Cultivate Auto Feminized Blueberry Cannabis Seeds – Why are Feminized Seeds Important?

One important thing to note is that blueberry autoflower seeds are generally feminized versions as well. This means that they contain the feminized gene in the seeds to ensure that your cannabis plants grow to be fully female. Having feminized seeds is also a great way of maximizing your garden space. Since you will not have to worry about male cannabis plants, you will not have to discard any plants which could be of use in the future.

Purchasing your own batch of auto blueberry marijuana feminized seeds can definitely give you growers a lot of cultivation benefits. For example, using autoflower feminized seeds can help cut down the hours you spend in cultivating your marijuana garden. Also, it helps reduce costs in the long run because you maximize the number of plants that will grow in your marijuana garden. The auto blueberry cannabis strain can definitely give growers such as yourself a better chance of a higher yield when the time for harvest comes.

Other benefits of Auto Feminized  Blueberry Cannabis Seeds

There are many different feminized marijuana strains out there that are perfect for the needs of any user. Because they offer a much easier cultivation experience, feminized marijuana seeds have been in high demand for many years now. The technology and innovation behind the cannabis industry are definitely becoming more and more progressive. 

Now that feminized marijuana seeds are available, growers will not have to worry about male plants destroying their crops. You see, male plants always have the tendency of pollinating on female plants. When this happens, the female plants lose their ability to produce THC-containing marijuana buds. As the main product that farmers plant seeds for, this can really seem like a waste.

Factors that Affect the Growth Time of the Auto Feminized Blueberry Marijuana Strain Seeds

  • Water and Nutrients

Like all other plants, cannabis plants use their roots to absorb water and nutrients found in their growing mediums. Things such as soil or water contain numerous minerals that are great for helping the marijuana plant develop. If they do not absorb enough of this, it can easily hinder them from properly developing. They will also be unable to undergo photosynthesis. Marijuana flowers will also not be able to fully sprout as a result.

  • Ample Growth Room for the Cannabis Plant

One of the things you should always consider when cultivating the auto feminized blueberry marijuana seeds is giving your cannabis plants the right amount of space to grow. If the growing area is too small, the roots will have the tendency to congest themselves. This can badly damage the roots of your cannabis plants. Additionally, the amount of soil will not be able to support the roots. Thus, the cannabis plant can be severely dehydrated because of the lack of water and nutrients.

  • The right type and amount of Growing Medium

The growing medium is always an important area of consideration for cannabis cultivation. Whether you choose to grow them in soil or in a hydroponic system, the main goal is to give your cannabis plants the essential nutrients. The auto blueberry feminized marijuana strain is a typically choosy plant. While it does automatically flower, there are some tips to getting the most potency out of it. Giving them the essential nutrients through the growing medium is one of those ways.

Healthy plants will always give strong stems and roots, as well as potent buds. If your growing medium dries out or is given too many nutrients, it can be dangerous to your plants. They might not be able to properly absorb the given minerals.

The Benefits of Cultivating Auto Blueberry Feminized Seeds in Healthy Soil

Having organic and healthy auto blueberry feminized plants will always depend on healthy soil. Always try to check and analyze the soil in your gardening area before planting your seeds. The more you know about what you are dealing with, the higher chances you have of producing potent blueberry cannabis buds. 

It is always recommended to cultivate and till your growing area before planting the auto blueberry feminized seeds. Many marijuana growers aren’t familiar with this process. Basically, it involves a number of procedures to make your growing medium more ideal and fit for cultivation. Things such as plowing and digging are used to loosen up the soil so that no big chunks of dirt get in the way of the seeds growing. Also, taking out any rocks and grass from underneath makes the land much healthier for growing.

All this helps make sure that the land is in good condition for cultivation. It helps get the soil ready to nurture and house the blueberry cannabis feminized seeds so that they can easily absorb any water and nutrients. Good soil can also protect your plants from catching diseases and viruses from the outside elements.

What to do with the soil after cultivating it:

After you carefully cultivate your soil, the next step would be to check how naturally healthy it is. You see, soil can always have a varying amount of nutrients in them. Even without being provided with nutrients, some soils are already rich in minerals. Consequently, growers should always be aware of this so that they can control how much to give their growing medium.

The main thing that growers should do is measure the pH content. Now, this is a way of telling how much acidity and alkalinity there naturally is in the soil. The neutral pH level is 7. If the pH level of the soil is below this, then the oil is acidic. If it measures above 7, then there is high alkaline content. There are many soil testing kits that you can purchase from your local hardware or through online shops.

Conclusion: What else should I do to grow Auto Blueberry Feminized Seeds?

Now that the growing medium is ready for planting, then you can safely start cultivating your marijuana seeds. When you introduce the seeds to the growing medium, always remember to give them the right amounts of water, heat, and air circulation. Keep the growing area clean by occasionally sweeping away any debris and dried leaves from the spot. These can cause diseases and germs to contaminate your seeds. 

One other thing to do is give your auto blueberry feminized seeds some compost or fertilizer. This gives them an added boost of nutrients. Also, it helps keep the soil healthy so that the roots of the cannabis plant can properly absorb water and other minerals. 

There is so much to learn about cannabis cultivation. It may seem complicated at first but once you get used to it, you will find yourself with an abundant supply of marijuana all the time.

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