Cannabis Seeds Biology – Science Based Growing Tips You Should Apply


The basic knowledge of cannabis biology could go a long way when it comes to home marijuana cultivation and an in-depth understanding of the matter might help you become a better cannabis breeder and grower. This article will cover subjects such as the plant life cycle and cannabis seeds biology. The cannabis biology starts to break down plants into several different pieces, from taproot to trichomes, and could be of big benefit to help cannabis growers recognize what to look for both in sup-optimal and healthy plants. 

Biology of Cannabis – The Life Cycle of the Marijuana Plant

It is truly a thrill ride to see a cannabis plant arise from a cannabis seed and grow into a thriving canopy in a matter of weeks. Every growing process is interesting and essential, as is the knowledge of the basics of the life cycle of your cannabis plant. When growing marijuana, it’s really essential to have a thorough knowledge of the phases that it would have to go through its lifetime. It is also the basis that would help you know and understand what your little marijuana plants are doing and what their needs are inclined to be. Marijuana is a flowering herb, which means that it goes via its entire lifespan, from seed to seeds, within the year. In the case of marijuana, it is probably closer to 4-10 months. The first stage of its life is germination.


Germinating refers to a process of generating growth in your marijuana seeds. When the cannabis seed germinates, the embryo of the seed breaks through the shell of the seed to create the root. This root is fixed in your growth medium, enabling it to push itself up. As the plant grows bigger, two embryonic foliages are formed to begin to receive light. This entire process could take between 12 hours and 2 weeks. When the germination has been completed, the marijuana plant would then enter the seedling phase of its life.

Seedling Stage

Now that the marijuana plant is getting light through its embryonic leaves, this would focus its energy on generating more substantial leaves. It’s going to start producing 3 fingered leaves, trying to make it look very much like a marijuana plant. As the seeds keep growing, many more of these leaves would then begin to form. Based on the strain, you might find that some certain seeds have a weak stem and are struggling to cope with the weight. If it’s the case, you could also prop it up with a thin wooden stick and a little string until it has a stronger structure. The seeds stage sometimes lasts 1 to 3 weeks; you’ll know it is done when your marijuana plant has produced 4-8 new leaves throughout this time.

Vegetative Growth Stage

The vegetative phase is one of the main phases of marijuana growth. It is the stage wherein the plants actually flesh out and concentrate on maximum development before they flower. Throughout this particular stage of their life, marijuana plants will need a lot of energy and a lot of nutrition and light to generate it. This is the stage that the cannabis plant really needs to take on the stereotypical form of marijuana plants and grows fast in both width and height, creating a denser stem with many more fully fingered leaves and branches. This development will optimize the plant’s ability to produce flowers with its increase in surface area for exposure to sunlight and structural stability-which is ultimately the reason for growing marijuana. Cannabis sex would also start to be distinct towards the end of this phase, enabling male cannabis plants to be excluded from the growing area once they have the chance to emit their pollen and if left with female cannabis plants, you’ll get a yield of seed instead of buds. The entire vegetative phase will normally take around 1 and 5 months to finish.

Pre-flowering Stage

This stage is a little bit of a substage, that also occurs, as the names imply, just before the marijuana plant begins to flower. Throughout this time, marijuana begins to change, shifting its focus entirely to branch and node development and in order to support the greatest load it could carry. You’ll know this happens when you begin to see the calyx starting to form at the nodes (in which the branches meet the stems). This life-cycle stage could last for 1 day to 2 weeks.

Flowering Stage

This really is the stage you’ve been waiting for, and this is the last big step in the life cycle of marijuana. It is also time for your green heroines to generate their buds.  During this stage of development, the sex of your marijuana would be fully evident, and when you see any overlooked males growing up, ensure to remove them quickly and carefully before they have the opportunity to evacuate their pollen. The male cannabis plant will produce small clusters of balls, packed with pollen, while the female cannabis plants will begin to make the capacity to achieve their small white pistil flowers. This phase could even take anything between 1 to 4 months based on the strain of marijuana being grown.

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