Cannabis Strains that Grow Better Indoors


With the availability of the latest technology, growing quality marijuana indoors is very easy. You will be able to produce potent buds in just a short time without experiencing the difficulties of outdoor growing like insect pests, thieves, and weather conditions. It will be easier though to start with a single strain so you have to deal with one temperature control requirement only. Determine which strain or variety is best suited in the atmosphere of the area where you intend to grow your ganja. Also, decide whether you are going to use soil or apply the hydroponic method to be sure of a good quality harvest.

Cannabis has two main strains which are cannabis Sativa and cannabis Indica. Sativa strain is usually taller and has a longer body; and it grows better and yields good flowers in wetter and cooler areas. The Indica strain on the other hand is shorter and has more compressed stems and twigs. Several Indica varieties are more suitable in indoor growing because these usually have a maximum height of 4 to 5 feet only. Better crop with optimum performance is produced if you will use the hydroponic system with this strain. One of the best varieties of Indica strain is the Northern Light Seeds and it has been around for the longest time. This variety in fact made indoor growing acceptable and very popular. Other strain varieties like Blueberry and Haze seeds are good crops to start with.

Growing pots indoors requires specific lighting suited for stages of your marijuana’s growth. Artificial lights are available in the market. If you will use both Metal halide (MH) and high-pressure sodium light (HPS) combined, all phases or stages of your pot’s growth will be at its best. But if you cannot afford to have both at the same time, marijuana plants will do just fine also. First-rate flowers and seeds can be produced also if you know how to use artificial light for each phase. Just search online the details on how to achieve good results.

Knowing how to control inside temperature and the best variety that adapts to that environment are the important and crucial factors in producing high yield if you grow your marijuana indoors. You can easily start growing your pot right in your own place with this simple guide.  You definitely do not need to be a rocket scientist to know the basics of growing weeds indoors.

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