Cannabis Strains that Grow Better Indoors


Cannabis growing indoors is something that most authorized patients still have to get right. A good deal of restraint is needed for quality outcomes when considering factors like the indoor growing medium and the conditions for development. The choice of a specific strain to grow indoors also is absolutely vital. It needs to be noted that not every strain is one and the same, and others will perform much better outdoors, while others will do well indoors. In this article, we will feature the advantages of growing marijuana indoors and what is the best strain to grow indoors for beginners. 

What are the advantages of indoor cannabis growing?

Cultivating marijuana indoors implies that you could always control all of the components needed to produce the highest quality buds. You could even start at any moment of the year, instead of waiting for the spring.  Your crops are secured from unforeseen weather, like heavy rain and high winds. They’re also safe from harm like deer, unwanted human visitors, and birds. With the correct training and the appropriate seeds, indoor marijuana cultivation has many benefits for various groups of growers, from newbie to medicinal, casual to the aficionado.

What should you bear in mind when choosing an indoor Cannabis strain?

There are several basic components that need to be considered when selecting which seed to purchase for indoor growing. Your pattern of gardening perception; your funding; whether you choose a Sativa, Indica, or a hybrid; and the shape and size of your growing area must all impact the strain you choose to purchase.

Top 5 Best Strain to Grow Indoors for Beginners

Super Skunk

This autoflowering strain is an Indica-dominant that contains a THC reaching up to 14%. It is the offspring of Afghani Hash and Skunk #1, with a Ruderalis to make it become an autoflower variant. This is one of the best strain to grow indoors for beginners who are searching for a sturdy plant. Growing this cannabis strain doesn’t require any flowering and growing nutrients. It grows by itself because of its Ruderalis genotype. And this autoflowering strain doesn’t need a different light schedule to start its growing phase. Super Skunk growing into a strong and adaptable cannabis plant that can thrive both outdoors and indoor setups. Apart from the given environment, this cannabis strain would grow into a dense and short-sized cannabis plant that allows the grower to cultivativate with pleasure and privacy. 

OG Kush

OG Kush strain is one of the best Sativa strain to grow indoors and also one of the best strains in the market today. Many people like to have this because it has many benefits. You might use it for both recreational and medical purposes. Users loved this cannabis strain because it gives a perfect effect that is great to go out and socialize because it contains a THC level of around 17-21%. It also provides an earthy, and compact taste that would allure you to want more. Newbies might also find this easy to grow because of its high resistance in any environment. This cannabis strain doesn’t base on growing on a light schedule that you might give. Rather, OG Kush has a rapid development rate. This cannabis strain is the best strain to grow indoors because it grows strong with a lot of light foliage. This cannabis strain must be ready to be harvested in 6-8 weeks after its vegetative phase. This cannabis strain is a little bit delicate when it comes to its nutrients, so just ensure that you might not copy it boundless during its flowering phase. Its typical requirements are upon its growing season it’s flower would surely give it’s best potential. 


Amnesia autoflowering strain is regarded to be one of the best strain to grow indoors and also one of the best selling autoflowering strains in the market today. It’s the offspring of Amnesia and Ruderalis autoflowering. This strain is an Indica-dominant that contains 19% of THC, which is sufficient to offer a cerebral and invigorating effect for those marijuana users. They also experience a sweet and tangy flavor with a fruity aftertaste while experiencing such effects. Amnesia Auto-flowering grows well in either given condition, like outdoor and indoor locations. This marijuana strain is adored by each and every grower as it provides a higher number of resinous bud yields rich in THC content. Cannabis growers who attempt to develop it indoors could also wait only 65 days from seedlings to harvest before they have a yield of between 500 and 600 grams per sq meter. The cultivator should be provided with a hydroponic medium to produce such a specified amount of yield

Blue x Cream C

Blue x Cream C auto-flower is one of the best marijuana strain to grow indoors and also one of the best selling strains on the marijuana market today. Because of its fruity taste with a soothing experience that remains in your entire body for a few hours, this is mostly an Indica hybrid filled with fruitiness and also has the capacity to release and pleasure the mind and also the body. Mixing such strains produces an easy-to-grow plant that could flourish almost in any particular environment. This could give its maximum potential outdoors where it would have immediate access to exposure to light. And the sun is also helping to withstand pests, molds, and usual plant diseases. Blue x Cream C grows into a small but sturdy branch plant that even newbies in growing marijuana could easily achieve these plants without any problems. The plant takes only 70-75 days from seedlings to harvest and could produce approximately 350 to 400 grams of creamy and pungent buds per sq meter indoors.

Northern Lights

This Indica-dominant cannabis strain is a famous choice by many novice growers and it’s one of the legends of the world of marijuana. Basically, it’s a mid-sized cannabis plant that could grow around 1.6 m when cultivated indoors and could be available for harvest after only 8 weeks of the flowering stage. The origins of this species are traced back to Thailand and Afghanistan and are thought to have a strong, long-lasting sensation. This is a multi-award champion, loved by beginners, veterans, and aficionados.


If you love marijuana, there are several things that are more rewarding than growing your very own. There seems to be a venue of sophisticated strains that would challenge even the most skilled and expert cannabis growers. But if you’re a newbie grower, we recommend that you try to grow one of the five cannabis strains mentioned above.

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