What to Consider in Indoor Marijuana Growing

Consider in Indoor Marijuana Growing

Several factors need to be considered in indoor marijuana growing.  The growing enthusiast must know beforehand that pot growing, and this is true as well in other plants wanted to be grown in a controlled environment, to be effective must follow a set of guidelines.  The following are the basic necessities when planning on indoor marijuana growing and it is applicable whether it is indica, sativa or a hybrid marijuana strain.


The budding ganja grower must choose the appropriate soil as this is very important especially during the initial growing stages.  The soil serves as the foundation of the weed and unless the system to be used is hydroponics, it is important to be meticulous in selecting the soil with the right composition and ph.  The ideal soil for marijuana growing can be bought locally and in many online marijuana sites.  There are pre-mixed soils that are already rich with the needed nutrients that can be bought so it is easier in many ways for the first time grower to get the right kind of mix in any case.  The soil can be prepared by putting it in a cup where one or two marijuana seeds can be placed or it could be a tray where the seeds are spread and to be plucked later on and put in a larger container.  The cups or tray must have holes to allow water to leak and this is to prevent the sprouting ganja seeds from drowning.  use only purified or distilled water for watering marijuana plants.


Since it is indoor weed growing that is chosen, it is important to prepare the needed lights to simulate the light of the sun.  For sprouting marijuana, an 18 hour a day cycle may be needed with a distance of about a foot or 18 inches away to make sure that the growing marijuana is not exposed to too much heat.  the kinds of lights that may be used ranges from fluorescent, LED, and other types in such wattage as necessary.

Grow Room Ventilation

When marijuana is already growing and especially towards its flowering, proper ventilation is needed.  This is to allow a flow of fresh air and at the same time to suppress the marijuana odor or scent to a certain extent.  Some form of ionizers may also be used but it must be used only with care by knowing its proper use.

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