Deciding on which Marijuana Strain is the Best

Best Marijuana Strain

Choosing the right marijuana strain can be a daunting task especially for a newbie grower who has no actual background in the exigencies of cannabis growing.  Whether it be outdoor or indoor growing method that is to be used, it is important to know what marijuana strain will flourish best under a given circumstance.  When the vehicle for cannabis growing is identified, it is then time to select the proper strain to be grown.  Selecting the right weed strain will depend on the actual intention of the budding ganja grower and more often, it is said that the kind of marijuana strain grown speaks well of the character and pot preference of its owner.  One of the many considerations for choosing a marijuana strain is its known thc content.  It is said that the higher the thc content, then the better the high that it will give when smoked.  This has not been really proven but still remains the good barometer in determining the expected effects when it is smoked.  Some of the cannabis strains with a noted high thc content are the following:

White Widow Marijuana Strain

This strain with a thc range of 20 to 25% is considered the most potent cannabis in the world.  The potency is concentrated on the bud and this strain has won several cannabis cups already because of its awesome taste which is coupled with a taste that is uniquely white widow. It is a combination of indica and sativa with indica prevailing in terms of its short height and sativa manipulating the taste.

Crystal Rain Marijuana Strain

A cross between White widow and northern lights, it is expected for this cannabis strain to have a high thc because it is the result of a combination between two weed strains that are popular especially in terms of the high that they give to smokers.  This strain gives stoney-high peculiar to indicas but with a light all-around feeling that is distinctly sativa.

Ganesha’s Dream Marijuana Strain

With a thc level of 21% as claimed, this is indeed one potent marijuana strain.  It is groomed as the successor for northern lights.  New growers will definitely fall in love with this cannabis strain because it can be grown both indoors and outdoors.  It is easy to grow Ganesha and not as much demanding as other weed strains.  It is also expected to flower in a short 8 weeks time.  So if you want an easy to grow marijuana strain with high thc level. go for this ganja strain.

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