Different kinds of Indoor Marijuana Growing


Some people think that indoor marijuana growing has a built-in disadvantage as compared to outdoor weed growing. The main argument is because of the limited space inherent in a grow room, not much can be done in terms of maximizing the produce of ganja. This has been proven to be a debatable claim because nowadays there are indoor marijuana growing methods to increase the pot yield using the technologies developed over the years.  What is considered as a disadvantage has actually turned into an advantage of sorts for indoor ganja growing. Consider the following indoor marijuana growing methods and it will readily show that the disadvantages claimed are outweighed by the benefits to be earned using the said growing methods.

Sea of Green method

These indoor cannabis growing methods was developed in Europe and have been an effective way of producing marijuana all year round. The grow room is stacked with weed plants to the tune of 1 grown marijuana plant per square foot and 4 small/growing marijuana plants per square foot. The idea is to have younger marijuana plants ready and able to replace the old ones when it happens. Because there is an entire generation of marijuana plants in one grow room, harvest can also be made all year round. This is especially beneficial for those who are into the commercial growing of marijuana. It also serves to maximize the use of electricity as compared to paying the same amount of electric bills using another method with fewer growing marijuana.


Still growing popularly, the hydroponics indoor weed growing methods have a more scientific approach where water is used primarily to provide the nutrients needed by the growing marijuana plant. Materials like perlite, moss, rock wool, and other stuff are used to allow the roots to take hold. Nutrients needed by the growing cannabis are released automatically in a timed manner. It is one of the most efficient ways of growing marijuana although the initial set-up is more expensive than the use of soil. The grow room must be sterilized completely just like other indoor set-up but because the element of soil is not present, the possibility of having pests and parasites usually induced by soil is lessened to a great extent.


This indoor marijuana growing method is not really for beginners and must be left to those who know the basics of both hydroponics and aeroponics. The cannabis plant is suspended in mid-air with a structure that holds it in the lower body. The roots have nothing to hold on and it gets the needed nutrients when it is sprayed with water containing the essential minerals needed to grow. This one is of the more advanced indoor marijuana growing methods available today and requires some more sophisticated growing equipments to accomplish successfully..

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