Easy To Grow Marijuana Strains

Easy To Grow Marijuana Strains

For the first time ganja grower, they usually want to start their cannabis growing venture with a marijuana strain that will not be difficult to grow so they normally choose those strain which will not make things difficult for them.  Here are some of the marijuana strains that can be easily grown and therefore advisable for beginners;


This highly versatile ganja strain is very easy to grow and does not require a lot of attention.  It is also pest resistant.  Coupled with a happy high that this strain is known to give, it is very popular not only with first time growers but with long time smokers as well

Early Misty

Being an indica variety with not much height and best grown indoor, this marijuana strain is also very easy to grow with a good enough yield of 400grams/m2

Ganja Dwarf/LowRyder

Growing is very easy and needs not much attention. it is resistant to pests and other parasites and also has an auto-flowering condition

Easy Ryder

Beginners love this strain not just because of its name but also because it is really easy to grow and gives a high 450g/m2 yield.  Although predominantly sativa, it can be grown in both indoors and outdoors without any hassle.


Yield of this baby is at the average of 425g/m2 this, notwithstanding that it is not a very demanding weed plant.  You will enjoy growing this bunch of cannabis joy.

Dutch Dope

A true bargain.  It is not priced as high as some other cannabis strains and it can also be grown easily without much trouble.  The expected yield is an amazing 475g/m2.  what more can you ask for a pot strain.


One of those that give a stoned high, this afghan strain is among those priced lower and at the same time grown easily.  One more reason why it’s a favourite among many beginners over the years. Many other strains may still be developed but the afghan will still be the choice of many seasoned smokers.

Skunk Red Hair

A sativa variety that gives the trademark cerebral high, it is also grown easily and very much like other sativas which are basically strong and can withstand any type of surroundings. Yield is also very encouraging at 500g/m2.  You don’t need to spend much to get this cannabis strain because it is also one of those reasonably priced.

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