Effective Marijuana Strains For Indoor Growing

best strain for indoor growing

For the budding cannabis grower, the primordial concern is always to decide on what marijuana strain is the best to grow. This is the question that normally besets a few second-time growers. What are the best indoor marijuana strains? As for their first time experience, a good number of growers normally prefer the ganja strain that is endemic in their place of origin. This is the usual reaction for first-time growers and expected to a great extent. But when it comes to a second-time grower, most of them would prefer to try something new. The success of the first time marijuana growing venture has a big say on the desire to continue growing in most cases. Here we will be showing you the best marijuana strains for indoor growing.

So for the succeeding grow season, the choice for the best strain for indoor growing becomes a search. When it comes to searching for the right ganja seeds strain, the many online cannabis shops can be a great help. They have all the marijuana strains any weed lover can think of and that is why many of those who want to grow marijuana always rely on the cannabis shops that offer different marijuana strains online. To help you in identifying some of the famous weed strains, take a look at the strains presented here which are ideal for indoor marijuana growing:

Best Indoor Marijuana Strains


Very popular around the world and because of this, it needs no more introduction. Its popularity is expected to be carried well over a decade from now because there seems nothing that can beat its popularity as of now.


Sweet caramel taste. Its color is also caramel-like and makes it even more appealing. Smoke it joint style to savor its distinct taste and feel it slowly uplift your senses to just about the right kind of high.


One of the very few cannabis strains that have a tinge of Ruderalis genetics. The Ruderalis actually contributed much to the short built that this ganja is known for. It is ideal for indoor growing. The auto-flowering feature of Ruderalis was also inherited by this strain which makes it easier to grow and well-loved by beginners. If you are looking for a very good marijuana strain to grow next, then this beauty is definitely a good one.


This is not usually the first option strain for many indoor growers when thinking of what to grow. That’s where they’re missing out. The main reasons would be because this plant grows taller than other strains and may be difficult to move around the growing area, but with the proper techniques, this strain proves to be cooperative to it and can be managed easier than expected. With THC levels at 17 – 25%, this is quite a seriously strong weed that can get you off guard. This is why this is maybe one of the best Sativa strains for indoor growing.


This strain is maybe one of the most known strains to seasoned growers and is readily available in the market today. ICE stands for Indica Crystal Extreme, which just going by the name says a lot about what to expect. Its trichomes are so extreme that your plant will look frosty and snowy once you are ready to harvest. Plus, this bad boy only needs 8 weeks to flower and can go up to 10 to get that dankest buds. A hybrid of Afghan, Skunk, and the infamous Northern Lights brings in a herbaceous, spicy earthy scent alongside its excellent effects. This is the reason why this is one of the best Indica strains for indoor growing.

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