Equipments for Different Hydroponic Growing Systems

hydroponic growing systems

There are different hydroponic growing systems or methods and each of them has distinct equipment/s or tool/s which deviates one from the other. There is no telling which hydroponic grow system works best because this depends on the marijuana varieties to be grown and the preference of the grower. Usually, hydroponic shops offer a complete kit for the systems, but this is usually more expensive than setting–up your own. There is also a good chance that some of the equipment included in the kit is not suitable for your general situation so it would be a waste of money. The choice really depends on your preference. There are outdoor and indoor hydroponic weed growing systems while there are complete hydroponic growing systems and there are also homemade hydroponic growing systems that are available for use.      

Meanwhile what is popular nowadays are DIY hydroponic growing systems which allows the grower to experiment and be immersed in how things work as you learn while building the structure. While there are those that are super expensive to acquire, don’t worry as there are also a lot of cheap hydroponic growing systems available online! Just be sure to check out your options and read below on the concept behind different kinds of hydroponic systems.

The systems in Hydroponic growing method include Wick Grow, Ebb and Flow Grow and Top Feed Grow systems. The tank or reservoir which holds the water and all the necessary nutrients needed by your cannabis is one of the most important equipments for all the systems. It should be durable and sturdy with a fitted lid so the nutrient solution will not evaporate. The vessel should be large enough to supply the nutrients to your cannabis for at least a week. It should be properly insulated and should be cleaned and drained every

Wick Grow – you will need the reservoir, growing tray, growing medium, and thick acrylic cord to serve as the wick which draws the solution upward through capillary action. Just bury the top end of the wick at the bottom of the growing tray and leave the bottom end suspended at the tank.

Ebb And Flow – reservoir, timed pump, growing tray, overflow pipe, and Rockwool. The growing tray should be able to hold 6” of nutrient solution pumped from the tank. The timed pump draws the water to the tray for 15 minutes at least 3 times a day.

Top Feed – reservoir, a growing tray with a drainage hole, growing medium, air pump, emitters, and multi-valve tube. The emitters are attached to the main tube and the nutrient solution is pumped up from the tank to water and feed the plants from the top, excess liquid is drained back through the drainage hole. This is also done for 15 minutes 3x a day.

Always place your growing tray higher or above the reservoir. This is to avoid overwatering and to eliminate flooding. All these hydroponic systems are ideal for amateur growers because of low maintenance requirements. You just need a sufficient supply of clean water with these growing equipment and you are ready to breed your own pots.

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