Factors to Consider In Choosing A Marijuana Strain

Choosing A Marijuana Strain

Those who intend to  grow marijuana for the first time will probably be drowned initially with the so many cannabis strains available in the internet.  With hundreds of strains to choose from, it is easy to be lost in the sea of confusion as to which strain is the best to be grown.  One cannabis website will present a weed strain as having the qualities of the best variety of marijuana while others will also make their claim like their strain being pest-resistant and such other redundancies.

For the guidance of a budding weed grower, we have here outlined some of the important considerations that must be kept in mind in choosing the ideal marijuana strain to grow.  This is not an all-encompassing presentation and it is advised that you still have to make your own decision in the end knowing fully well your own limitations.

Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Strain

There are cannabis strains that are devoted to outdoor growing and there are also those that are meant solely for indoor atmosphere.  The better approach is to select cannabis strains that offer the possibility of being grown in any medium and there are a lot of versatile ganja plants out there.

Sativa or Indica strain?

There are actually two major varieties of cannabis and each has many distinguished characteristics.  The many marijuana strains that we have right now resulted from the many cross matching and mix breeding conducted early on to produce a hybrid marijuana strain that will become  the symbol for the perfect fusion of these two varieties.  Sativa cannabis strain grows well in regions where warm climate is prevalent.  It is best grown outdoors and it enjoys basking under the energies given by the sun.  It grows tall and leafy, and in some known sativa varieties it grows with a Christmas tree shape.

The indica strain is a shorter version of the sativa.  Some of its well known strains are not really leafy but is compensated by having more buds.  It grows better and faster in colder climates.  Unlike its counterpart the sativa, it matures faster and therefore can be harvested earlier.

Feminized Strain

This is also one of the most preferred because it eliminates the chance of getting male cannabis.  With a feminized strain, you are assured that you will only get female cannabis strain that you purchased.  there are some technical side on growing feminized seeds and it must be followed to maximize benefits.

Cross-Breed Cannabis Strains

If you want the best of both sativa and indica packaged into one cannabis strain, then go for cross breed cannabis strains.  They have the characteristics of both varieties and therefore can offer the best of both worlds.

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