Famous Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy Online

Famous Cannabis Seed Strains to Buy Online

If you want to buy marijuana seeds online, then you’ve made the right choice.  Online cannabis sites offer all the major marijuana seeds for sale and you just have to choose which are the best strains for your growing requirements.  Whether it is indoors or outdoors weed seeds, they have almost everything in stock and ready to be shipped.  Decide first what type of marijuana strain you want to grow and search for it in online marijuana shops. If you have not yet decide on what cannabis seeds to buy, then take a look at some of these pot seeds that are making waves around the world.

White Widow Marijauna Seeds

This is a combination of both indica and sativa and is very popular around the world among marijuana enthusiasts.  It is known for its subtle nice taste while at the same time giving that strong cerebral high.  Many marijuana growers across the globe prefer to buy cannabis seeds with this strain and there is no reason why you should not too.  Some websites even offer 20 free marijuana seeds for every purchase of 1 pack of white widow cannabis seeds.

Carmelicious Marijuana Seeds

This strain is one hot item and a lot of people buy cannabis seeds of this strain.  It has delicious caramel taste and this is the result of many years of crossing selected sativa and indica varieties.  It is also easy to grow and therefore beginner friendly.  Buy Carmelicious marijuana seeds and find out that missing link in marijuana taste that you’ve been looking for.

Big Bud Seeds

Winner of the prestigious 1989 Cannabis cup, this excellent marijuana strain is a cross between sativa and indica and can be grown both indoor and outdoor.  The thc level is just about right at 8 to 15% and the high is conspicuously a mix of both indica nd sativa. It can be grown easily and therefore not that demanding as compared to other cannabis varieties.  Many beginners always start with and buy marijuana seeds of this strain.

Super Skunk

This strain is also a sativa-indica cross and mainly coming from Skunk #1 mixed with Aghani weed. It has a distinct skunk smell and though it has such a strong smell, it is still bred to be grown indoor.  Thc level is a moderate 10-15% and the growing requirement is perfect for beginners.

Light Of Jah

Named after the famous Jack Herer, this strain is popular and many long time growers never fail to order Marijuana seeds online with this strain.  It took many years of marijuana breeding to come up with this variety and there seems to be no sign that it can be replaced in its popularity soon.

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