Famous Sativa Marijuana Seeds To Grow

Sativa Marijuana Seeds To Grow

Though the sativa strain of marijuana grows only in the equatorial portion of the globe, many countries with colder climates have also managed to grow this wonderful cannabis strain.  It is famous for its cerebral high and also happy high feeling.  The sativa marijuana plant has lighter green leaves as compared to its opposite the indica variety.  The leaves are narrower and they grow taller which makes it mainly ideal for outdoor growing.  The sativa weed variety can now be found in many parts of the world and this contributed much to its popularity over the  years.

Aussie Blues

This variety is 90% sativa and can be grown indoor or outdoor.  the flowering period is expected between 10 to 11 weeks and it is not difficult to grow which makes it a favourite even by beginners.

Bob Marley Sativa

Now this beautiful cannabis plant is known for its high bud potency.  It is a 100% sativa and the high is distinctly sativa with a cerebral effect.  THC level is a high 155 to 20% and it is a tall marijuana variety that is best grown outdoors.

Durban Poison

This strain is pure sativa and has never been hybridized.  Production is mainly base don inbreeding method to maintain its pure sativa quality.  It has Long large leaves with plenty of resin and can be grown both indoors and outdoors.  It is one of the early favourites of growers owing to its shorter flowering period of 8 to 9 weeks.

Malawi Gold

Comes with a golden color, this sativa strain gives a powerful high.  Grows from 6 to 12 feet high and recommended to be grown outdoors.  This ganja is normally rolled in a unique fashion using banana leaves.


Known for its purely sativa high, this weed strain serves as the standard for other sativas.  The high is on the up side and cerebral.

Super Haze

A later haze generation that resulted from a cross with skunk number 1 weed varierty.  It is almost 100% sativa and flowers earlier as compared to other in the same class.  The high is distinctly sativa which makes it popular among sativa smokers.  This weed strain is also the favourite of many long time cannabis growers.

Even with the introduction a long time ago of cross breeding between indica and sativa, many weed fanatics still prefer the pure variety of either sativa or indica as compared to the hybridized versions no available in the market.  This could be because of the particular high that it gives or other personal preferences.  Many more strains coming from the cross between sativa and indica are expected but there will always be those who will still prefer the pure sativa strain.

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