Find the right Marijuana Strain For your Growing Needs

right Marijuana Strain For your Growing Needs

For the uninitiated, growing marijuana can be a thorny issue to some extent.  This is because there are many several strains of weed that a failure to consider the characteristics of each may lead to a failure of the entire growing exercise.  Many first time cannabis growers have actually fallen to this dilemma in the past and it could partly be due to lack of the necessary informational sources especially during the time when the internet has not yet reached the kind of advances that it has today.  There are now a lot of online marijuana sites that can serve as a good source of information when it comes to the kind of ganja wanting to be grown so the marijuana growing enthusiast can now just surf easily for the needed weed information.

Sativa is a kind of marijuana strain that is found in the equatorial side of the globe and therefore thrives best in warmer climates.  They are basically taller than its popular counterpart the indica variety.  Sativa cannabis  has a distinct high when smoked and it is likened to a cerebral high that could either make the user smile all night over some silly things or induce mental calisthenics.  It is said that many of the popular songs of the past were written while high on this weed.  It is basically a happy high that is given by this marijuana wonder.

Indica on the other hand normally grows in colder climates.  It is shorter as compared to sativa weed and depending on the variety, can give a really potent THC and almost narcotic high.  Many sought after cannabis varieties and winner of awards were derived from this strain.   Indica strain grow quicker and therefore mature earlier than sativa which makes it the choice of many marijuana growers especially those wanting to taste their produce at the earliest possible time.

There is another strain of marijuana that is least known and it is known as the ruderalis strain.  It is a marijuana strain that is very resistant to pests and bugs as well as known marijuana diseases.  The seeming lack of popularity of this strain is due to the fact that it is mainly useful only when it comes to its fibers and not really for smoking.  It grows faster than indica or sativa and matures readily even when it is off-season.

The last strain of marijuana is known not strictly known as indica, sativa or ruderalis but is called cross breeds.  Rightly so because it a cross between indica and sativa.  The idea of cross breeding two strains is to produce the best tasting and at the same time high THC mariujuana.

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