Finding the Perfect Marijuana Seeds to Grow

Perfect Marijuana Seeds to Grow

A quick look at the many online marijuana sites will readily give you a sea of ideas on which kind of cannabis seeds to grow.  Should you go for the one with the most number of positive ganja reviews or should you choose the one that you are familiar with because you have smoked it since time immemorial?  This last question seems to be the prevailing question and a lot of decisions have been made based on this question.  Rightly so, because you would not really want to experiment on something that you are not familiar with.  But it is also this non-familiarity that convinced others to try something new and rare as far as their experience is concerned.  To this, the online marijuana sites serve a useful purpose because they can bring together the best that the world has to offer when it comes to growing different kinds of marijuana.

The white widow feminized seeds was first introduced in the middle of the 90’s and has never left center stage since then.  Almost 20 years after it was first introduced, it still is the choice of many die-hard as well as novice cannabis growers.  In fact, if you visit the many marijuana online forums, you will always find someone praising to high heavens this weed strain.    The popularity of this pot strain cuts across the globe and there is no showing that it will ever wane.

Feminised Kiwi Seeds are also famous to many connoisseurs.  It is a cross between sativa and indica and the genetics come from the skunk weed variety. This strain is known for its quick flowering and that is why it is famous with beginners and old time growers alike.

The feminized Cheese cannabis seed is probably one of the most controversial strains ever developed.  This is because the seeds of this variety were not made available initially and growers at first had to contend with cuttings to get a chance to grow this type of weed.  It is famous especially in Europe.  It is actually a cross breed between indica and sativa, with indica as the dominant strain.  When grown, it has resins that cover the almost the entire plant and it has a cheddar cheese aroma, thus its name.

Just remember that sometimes, even a feminized marijuana seed can still produce male weeds and this is due to growing methods applied.  What’s important is to readily separate the male ganja once it is identified so as not to become a hindrance to the growth of the female marijuana plant.

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