Marijuana Seed Germination

Marijuana Seed Germination

Marijuana seed germination refers to the beginning of the growth period of a marijuana plant. It is the phase of the seed crack formation and sprouting of the seedling. When the marijuana seed germinates, they couldn’t grow except if conditions are appropriate for germination. Marijuana growers should ensure adequate amounts of water, temperature, oxygen, and light to the seeds planted. When these conditions have been met, the seed would then widen as it consumes oxygen and water, soon cracking the coat of the seed and sprouting the roots. 

Growers prefer to speed it up the marijuana seed germination process by activating or pressuring their marijuana seeds out of their resting phase so that they start growing. It is often achieved by utilizing the seeds moist by drenching them and then putting them in the dulled paper towel. These are presumed that 8 over 10 marijuana seeds will germinate effectively and successfully, which means that the marijuana seed germination rate is around 80 percent. 

Planning for Germination

Seeds are intended to germinate, but are much more prone to sprout, provided the ideal environment. There are so many techniques of marijuana seed germination, but all of them will require: 

  • Moisture to assist the seed to grow and breakthrough its shell 
  • Limited intervention so that sensitive structures are not unintentionally broken 
  • Temperatures that simulate springtime (between 20 ° – 22 ° Celsius and 68 ° -72 ° Fahrenheit) 

If you remember these 3 things, your attempts at marijuana seed germination are more likely to be successful. 

This should be evident that successful germination is essential. Your seed is the base of your plants which is why so many successful growers like to begin with high-quality seeds. You could also enhance your germination attempts (and potentially accelerate the process) by soaking your seeds in 1% hydrogen peroxide or a composting tea solution for 12 hours when using them. This procedure is going to kill any harmful bacteria. 

3 Simple Ways to Germinate Your Seeds

Germinate Seeds Directly in Soil

Planting your seeds in the soil in which you plan to grow is by far the most popular and also the most effective method of weed seed germination. This method is perfect to ensure that young seeds have minimal disruption because the delicate root is guarded by soil. It is the most natural way to grow marijuana plants. 

When using soil, ensure you are using the right type first. Use a mildly fertilized soil or seed starter. It is expected to have a pH of about 6%. This soil type will also have minerals and spores to help young marijuana plants grow. Don’t add nutrients the soil has adequate nutrients for at least the first two weeks of plant life. If you add more nutrients, you end up killing your seedlings because of an overdose of nutrients. Place the soil in a small pot. 

To work out the soil for your seed, push your finger in it to make a small hole around 1.5cm deep. You could use a pencil or a pen as well. Place one seed in the formulated hole and cover it with the soil. If you’ve germinated, the seed is going to have a root – place the root facing down (more on that later). Once you’ve coated your seed with soft soils, don’t mess with it. That will include pushing it down further – these are going to happen naturally as you water it. 

Use a plant sprayer to moisten the soil and put the pot underneath a fluorescent lamp. Do not use a windowsill because the temperature is not sufficiently stable for germination. The temperature of the soil should be 22 ° Celsius or 72 ° Fahrenheit, which can be easily achieved by lighting. Keep track of your soil to ensure it stays moist. Within the week you should begin to see the stems coming out of the soil. You’ve got a seedling now! Once your plants are 2 to 4 inches tall (5 to 10 centimeters), transfer your plants into a larger pot with the stems in the ground. Your plant is going to have many roots that will support it for the rest of its life. 

Germinate Seeds in Water

As discussed above, germination in water is the best way to start a seed. This may seem like a bad idea, as there is more water and light as recommended when using this technique, but it works! The outcomes are approximately 90 % effective. The “technique” doesn’t leave the seeds in the water for too long. Typically, 24 to 48 hours will be enough for the seeds to show off their tails, but then you can leave them soaking for 7 days without that much worry. 

Water germination is beneficial since it ensures that there will be the perfect amount of moisture to start germinating. If it’s completed for a short time, this can help crack the shell, pre-sprouting the plant right in front of your eyes. Water germination reduces the procedure by making it much easier for the plant instead of wanting to force through the soil. 

To germinate with water, fill a glass with filtered water and enable it to get to room temperature for several hours. The temperature must be about 18 ° C or 65 ° F. Don’t add any nutrients. Drop 2 to 3 marijuana seeds in the water and watch for any improvements. Refill the glass with fresh water every other day while keeping the temperature warm. 

After around 2 to 4 days, the seeds will begin to split. You can put your seeds in the soil at a certain point, and once the roots are 3 to 5 mm (.1 to.2 inches ) long, they have to be cultivated. 

You’ll need to handle your seeds at some point, but this is risky. Germinating seeds are sensitive and the roots are particularly fragile. If you damage them in, either way, your plant may not grow well. Also, be cautious when you place your sprouted seed in the soil and, if possible, place the root staring down. 

Germinate with Cotton Pads or Paper Towels

Another easy way to germinate your marijuana seeds is to use paper towels or cotton pads. It is a common method of doing something like this because paper towels or cotton pads can maintain the seeds moistly and protected. While cotton pads are the best for this technique, non-porous, cheap paper towels will also work. Just ensure they ‘re simple single paper towels cloth-like towels can make your roots grow into a towel. 

To germinate your marijuana seed with cotton pads, place a few seeds in between two cotton pads and wet with a plant sprayer. Place the seeds in both two paper towels while using a paper towel and store the towel cushioned seeds in both two plates, through an upside-down bowl or in a plastic container. Keep temperatures about 22 ° Celsius, or 72 ° Fahrenheit, and (again) don’t place the seeds on the window sill. In around 2 to 5 days, the seeds will begin to divide open, and a tiny root would then occur. Place in the soil when it is 3-5 mm or 0.1-0.2 inches long. 

Like the water technique, germinating this way will be at risk. If you’re not careful, you can damage fragile roots while transferring them to the soil. You also can intertwine the root of a wet paper towel if you’re not extra cautious. Use tweezers or your fingers to move sensitive sprouts, and do not allow the root to grow too long before it moves to the soil. 


Marijuana seed germination does not always go as planned. Some seeds are going to be duds. Others are going to be slow and take longer to sprout. And some of them will pop quickly and grow quickly. This is the brilliance of seeds: you often can tell which plants or genetics will survive right from the beginning. It will help you decide which plants you would like to take from clones and which to grow with other strong plants to produce a seed bank of your own.