Go For Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Aside from cloning, the best way to obtain female marijuana plants is to buy feminized weed seeds online.  This will eliminate the chance of getting male plants that must be uprooted immediately when they are identified.  The problem with male cannabis is that you won’t be able to tell exactly the male seeds from the female seeds.  Some say that a male marijuana seed has a more pointed end as compared to the female ganja seeds but to the untrained eye, it could really be difficult to ascertain whether a ganja seed is female or not.  Once planted, the seeds will be given special care and attention and the heartache begins when after a few weeks you will find out that what you have are mostly male marijuana plants.  To avoid this from happening, you must buy feminized cannabis seeds from reputable marijuana websites.

There are a lot of feminized marijuana seeds being sold online and it is just a matter of choosing the right strain for you.  Some of the well-loved feminized weed strains to grow are mentioned here and they are popular not only because they have been with us for a number of years but also because of the encouraging reviews we received from growers around the world.

For a weed grower, the weed strain that can easily be vegetated is always chosen and to this, the feminized Homegrown Skunk readily takes center stage.  It has nice green leaves and buds that are resistant to pests and other parasites and therefore quite easy to grow especially for beginners.  It also thrives well in a hydroponics method of weed growing.  The smell is not bad and actually tasty.  The scent released by this strain is not too strong and this is good especially if you live in an apartment type of quarters.  This variety is always a favourite in Amsterdam coffee shops and in other countries as well.

The feminised Smokey Bear Seeds is another favourite because it also grows easily and has a shorter growing period compared to other cannabis strains out there. It has a good smell and taste and it is known for its mellow high that is just about right and will not knock the smoker out of his wits.  It has been with us for quite sometime but its popularity has never really waned because it has its own devotees.

There is also the female Somativa cannabis seeds and this strain is the favourite of many weed growers to clone.  It thrives best on soil as the platform but grows equally well in a hydroponics set up which makes it a versatile and strong marijuana strain that is perfect for beginners as well as expert growers who want to make the most of every weed harvest.

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