How to Grow Marijuana


Currently, One of the most frequently asked questions by a lot of weed enthusiasts or patients who rely on weed is – how to grow marijuana at home? This is because it is really the most intuitive way to provide ourselves a steady supply of weed and in the long run will result in a lot of savings budget-wise especially if you depend on this crop medically. Just like any other plant, the basic requirements for growing marijuana are water, light, air, proper temperature, and nutrients. 

If you will notice, soil, which is one of the most important requisites in growing ordinary plants is not mentioned. This is because you can grow and breed pot even without soil. Growing weeds without soil is called a hydroponic system; wherein you can grow the plant in a sterile and fixed medium. Since a plant consists mostly of water which comprises about 95% of it and the remaining small percentage is for nutrients which are oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen can be taken from the air. To produce an ideal crop, the atmosphere needs to be managed and controlled efficiently. In this article, I will provide an overview of how to grow cannabis or how to grow weed generally.

How to Grow Weed Indoors for Beginners

You can opt to grow marijuana either indoor or outdoor, depending on your location, capacity, and situation. If you choose to grow the plant indoors, you need to know first how to grow marijuana indoors. In this method, you have full control of your plant’s natural environment. Whether you will use soil as a growing medium or choose the hydroponic method, you will have the same set-up. Indoor growing is more costly but you can be assured of potent and premium bud yields in just a short time. Now, how long does it take to grow weed? The answer is this totally depends on the strain you pick to grow as each one has its own specific life cycle period, some grow quickly and some take longer. But the fact that you don’t have to worry about outside weather conditions, insects and pests is a clear advantage of indoor weed planting.

How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

Outdoor cultivation on the other hand saves you the trouble and difficulty of costly indoor set-up. If you have a good property which means a secluded site with ample water supply and good quality of soil, your marijuana crop will be self-sufficient. This means you can let your crop grow on its own natural habitat with sunlight, fresh air, and other natural elements without much interaction from you. This results in ideal, clean, and pure organic cannabis thus you can produce premium flowers and quality seeds. Between the two, outdoor growing is still the preferred method even after long years of cultivation.

How Long Does it Take to Grow Marijuana

Cannabis has a one-year life cycle; it grows during the springtime, reproducing asexually (male and female marijuana plants) during the summer season and comes autumn, it is time to bear flowers. During the vegetative growth or before the pots bear flowers, male plants should be pulled out so female cannabis can create quality buds.

With modern technologies and valuable online help and information, growing marijuana is much easier nowadays. New hybrid strains are now able to yield even twice a year and with the advancement in genetic sciences producing sensational flowers and first-class seeds can be easily achieved as well. All these are possible just by following the basics of how to grow marijuana either indoors or outdoors. Also, make sure you are equipped with the proper knowledge and information plus the correct equipment and you are surely well on your way in achieving that goal of enjoying your own homegrown buds!

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