Growing and Harvesting Blueberry Autoflower Seeds


Blueberry Autoflower Seeds 101

After a long and tiring cultivation process, harvesting is a very rewarding experience. Of course, every grower expects a high yield rate from their Blueberry autoflower seeds. However, there are a couple of things to remember before rushing in to harvest your Blueberry buds. During this stage in a cannabis plant’s life, they still require a few things. It has everything to do with the timing, light and water absorption, and proper care when actually harvesting your cannabis buds.

This article gives growers an idea if you happen to find yourself on the verge of plucking out the high yields of this strain, then give this article a quick read.

Harvest of the Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Growers always look forward to the cannabis plant’s stage were flowers and buds start to sprout. This gives them a sense of fulfillment and appreciation for the hard work that they put into cultivating their Blueberry autoflower seeds. You see, the best and most potent marijuana strains are always the ones that grow the biggest. They are what every seller and buyers look for in the market of cannabis.

Marijuana buds are what contain the compounds that form the cannabis plant. These compounds, more commonly known as cannabinoids, give cannabis plants their ability to produce psychoactive and other effects. Unlike the buds and flowers, you can seldom find any cannabinoid content in the cannabis plant’s leaves, seeds, and stems. Some of the most common cannabinoids that you can find in a cannabis plant include THC, CBD, CBN, and CBG.

Blueberry Autoflower Seeds: Proper harvesting tips

Here are some tips to remember when getting ready to harvest your Blueberry autoflower seeds. Following these can really help elevate the harvest experience to a whole new level.

  • Always try to anticipate the ideal weather conditions

Harvesting marijuana buds will most likely be an outdoor activity. As such, it would be very inconvenient if you were to be exposed to rain or extreme heat conditions. The rain has the tendency to wet and destroy your harvest. This can make your marijuana buds inconsumable.

As for the heat, it can be damaging to a grower’s health if he were to stay under the sun all day. In order to avoid any health risks, it is best to harvest under cool and breezy weather conditions.

  • Use proper gear and equipment

Much like riding into battle, a grower needs a suit of armor before rushing in to harvest his marijuana buds. Wearing the proper gear and attire for harvest can help growers avoid any risks. It is possible for stray branches to hit you right in the eye. Also, the bushy and thick structures of the plant can cause your clothes to tear.

You should also have a pair of scissors and garden clippers for harvesting. Using your bare hands can really destroy the plant. This can prevent it from producing any future harvests. Lastly, make sure you wear gloves. You wouldn’t want any cuts from the clippers.

  • Avoid having any unnecessary company around

This may seem a little harsh but you know what we mean. Having children and pets around can really be a handful during harvest. For all you know, they can start damaging the crops because of playing around. Harvesting is a special moment between the grower and the cannabis plant. It should be treated as such.

  • Tidy up the area before starting

While growing cannabis plants tend to have fallen leaves and broken branches stuck in between plants. Make sure you remove any debris that you can find. These can really get in the way of harvesting your marijuana buds. You might end up trimming up a branch that isn’t connected to the plant at all.

Also, keep in mind that harvesting is a messy process. In order to lessen the clutter around the area, make sure to clear the space before starting.

  • Provide light

This is a very important part of harvesting. Doing this carries over to the next cultivation process of the next plant. While harvesting, giving plants the proper light can help you see clearly. You wouldn’t be trimming clueless into the plant and nipping away at any valuable bud that your plants grow.

While giving plants some light is important for sight, there is a much deeper meaning to it. Make sure you trim the plant in a way that both the outside and inside leaves get enough ample sunlight. You can widen the bottom and slowly trim more and more as you reach the top. That way, every inch of the plant exposes itself to sunlight. This is important because it helps the plants stay healthy for the next harvest.

Now you are ready to Harvest! Essential Tips

Harvesting your Blueberry marijuana buds is actually quite simple. It works just like any marijuana strain out there. Of course, you can cut and trim the cannabis plant in any way that you want. However, there are a few tricks that can really help make the harvest experience much more meaningful.

You can shape your marijuana plants any way that you want. But we recommend you do it in such a way that every leaf is exposed enough to receive sunlight. If they are too compact with each other, this can cause the leaves to turn yellow and eventually fall off. If they do this, it may very well expose your plants to diseases and rot.

Of course, trimming your cannabis plant once is not enough. Eventually, they will grow out and start sprouting new leaves that are bundled together. Make sure you maintain your cannabis plants by giving them a clean trim every 6 months or so. Regularly check on them so that you are aware of how fast they grow back.

How to get a Higher Yield When Planting Blueberry Autoflower Seeds

Getting a higher yield out of your Blueberry autoflower seeds is possible as long as you follow the proper guidelines. Choosing the right place and conditions to grow your plant I can greatly affect the amount that growers can harvest when the time comes.

  • Situate your seeds in a place that receives enough sunlight

The growing space is always an important part of the cultivation process. It holds a very strong influence on how high the yield turns out to be. Before choosing a gardening space, carefully analyze the number of hours that the area is exposed to. Blueberry autoflower seeds need at least six to seven hours of sunlight per day. This can help them develop better and stimulate the chemicals in them to produce more flowers and buds.

  • Isolate them from other plants

It is important to give the Blueberry seeds enough room to grow. Cultivating them beside other plants can restrict the spread of its roots. This means that it will not reach its maximum size which can result in a lower yield. Also, this means that it will have to share nutrients in the same soil.

  • Pick soil rich in nutrients.

Speaking of nutrients, make sure that your growing medium contains enough minerals and vitamins to support the growth of the cannabis plant. Measuring the pH level in the soil is one of the most important things to check in the growing medium. Once you have analyzed the natural soil, you can manually add store-bought nutrients. This gives the cannabis plants enough energy to start producing higher yields.


At the end of the day, a good harvest will always feel rewarding. Knowing that your efforts and hard work pays off is definitely a fulfilling experience no matter how the yield turns out. Of course, we should always aim to get the best out of what we have. This is why growers always take that extra step in making sure they harvest quality Blueberry buds.

Each and every cannabis plant grows from a simple seedling and they all grow the same. However, there are always countless ways in which you can improve such a process. Following the steps and tips that we have outlined for you guys can help bring the cultivation process to the next level. They are easy, fast, and well worth the extra effort.

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