Growing Marijuana For Beginners


Growing marijuana for beginners entails finding the right seeds to grow.  There may be some local seeds available in your place but what is the guarantee that you will get predominantly female cannabis seeds unless you get it from a reliable source and you have some form of guarantee. Cheap marijuana seeds are available locally because some suppliers just make a seed collection without applying the scientific approach of identifying and separating the male from the female marijuana seeds and you might just end up wasting valuable time and resources in the process. Many online cannabis sites offer feminized marijuana seeds and just look at the many reviews made on a particular site to know if they are the right source to buy cannabis seeds online. Usually, this comes with a guide on how to grow marijuana strains specific to the one you picked. See our Growing Cannabis for Beginners Guide below.

Buy the Right Marijuana Seeds for you

After searching and settling to buy weed seeds from a credible online marijuana shop, the next step of growing weed for beginners is to decide what particular marijuana strain you want to grow.  For beginners, it is best to start with a single variety or strain and avoid buying assorted marijuana seeds in one go.  Some who are too eager to grow different varieties at the same time ended up not being able to succeed because there are growing requirements specifically applicable to particular strains and not to others.  A good number of beginners in growing cannabis chose the variety that they normally use or smoke but there are also those who wanted to get their hands on varieties coming from other countries.

Indoor or Outdoor Growing

How to grow weed indoors for beginners is the most asked question nowadays. This is because Indoor marijuana growing is the more preferred mode of modern cannabis growing for several reasons. Though there is no stopping you if you do have the space needed to grow it conveniently outdoors. Read the wide array of information available online regarding the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor marijuana growing and how to grow pot.  For some who are not fully decided and want to try both methods, they prefer to buy ganja seeds that are versatile enough to be planted either way and there are plenty of these types of marijuana strains to choose from.  Whether it is Indica or Sativa variety, you will surely find the right pot seeds for your growing needs.

Prepare the Needed Equipments

When you decide to grow cannabis, the equipment needed must be prepared beforehand.  The grow room, if it is an indoor set-up, must be ready to welcome your marijuana seeds in open arms and not hurriedly setting up when the ganja seeds have already arrived.  This will also give you a pretty good idea of the cost that will be involved in setting up a grow room. If you are planning to grow indoors, make sure to research and be equipped on how to grow marijuana indoors to ensure you will be ready for any surprises.

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