Growing Marijuana For Beginners


Growing marijuana for beginners means choosing the right seedlings to grow. Some local seeds may be obtainable in your place, but what would be the assurance that you’ll get female dominant marijuana seeds except if you get it from a credible source but have some form of assurance. For growing cannabis for beginners, buying cheap cannabis seeds are locally available since some providers are just collecting seeds without implementing a scientific process for identifying and separating males from female cannabis seeds, and you just might end up losing precious time and resources in the process. 

In growing weed for beginners, you have to take a few steps in research and decision-making before you do anything at all. This is going to make much difference once you begin growing cannabis. Whether where you’re growing your cannabis, a certain kind of light you are going to use, the kind of environmental conditions you’re supposed to set up, which is the kind of nutrient you are supposed to supply your plants, it is really crucial to make some major decisions before you spend a lot of money or anything. Below are the things you must consider when growing marijuana for the first time, either you want it indoor or outdoor, we gather all the important things to start growing your own cannabis plant.

Where should I grow marijuana?

This is the largest and, at the very same time, the basic option you have to make immediately: must you grow cannabis outdoors or indoors? There are many advantages and disadvantages to any, but at the end of the day, it gets down to what makes the most sense of your way of living and personal choices as a whole.

Growing Outdoors

If you’re looking specifically to save money, growing outside is the perfect option. You won’t have to buy things like LED lighting, because the sun would be all the light your plants would need, containers for the plants or the medium they’re growing in. With that said, a few more unexpected shocks may arrive once you grow cannabis outdoors. If it’s pests like insects, wildlife, other animals, and unwanted visitors, security and privacy, or pollination from male plants somewhere else, growing outside could also result in too many challenges.

Growing Indoors

How to grow marijuana indoors? Growing cannabis indoors can have a lot of benefits. It’s much more discreet for one thing, so it’s not open to anyone to keep stumbling upon. It isn’t as expensive to build as you might expect, as well as you could also control every aspect of the environment in which your plants live.

Which strain of marijuana should I choose?

Choosing and purchasing cannabis seeds to have your growing setup begin. The best approach to buying seeds is to purchase them from a trusted supplier. Many cannabis growers can buy seeds online from seed banks that ship outside the internationally. Even though deliveries are always done in a discreet manner, these could help you to continue with trust. Selecting a strain is a totally different matter, you’re going to have to choose one which is ea0sy for newbies to grow but it also thrives in your environment.

What kind of growing medium should I use?

The kind of growth medium you picked for your cannabis plants would also determine how you’d like to take care of them. There are indeed a number of alternatives apart from basic soil, so it would be essential to be doing your research and find out about the benefits and drawbacks of each one before choosing one. Most novice growers begin with soil, as it is the simplest solution out there for the inexperienced. If you’d like to try something else besides soil, you could choose between vermiculite, perlite, coconut coir, and more. Technically speaking, these are regarded as soilless mixtures, that are a type of hydroponic growth. Hydroponics includes growing your cannabis plants straight in the water, which could be a complex but highly productive and satisfying system, it’s said that the highest yields are accomplished in hydroponics systems. Surely, you also can follow the path of organic growth: composting your own growing soil. It takes a lot more effort, but it leads to great flavors and outcomes because it makes a very smart decision for the environment.

What nutrients should I feed my plants?

You will need to purchase nutrients in certain forms to nourish your plants unless you use a soil type that already contains a certain amount of nutrients. Cannabis plants require different nutritional proportions based on the stage of their growth. The major types of vitamins and minerals that you’ll have to think about would be nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus.

The kinds of nutrients you buy also relies on the growth medium you have chosen to use. Hydroponics systems require mixtures of nutrients especially designed for hydroponic installations, for instance. It will help maximize the expansion of your cannabis plants and avoid unnecessary “nutrient burn” to the plants.

The pH level of soil or your other growing medium at the roots of your plants is an extremely important element of the nutrients and cannabis plants. Even the water you nourish your cannabis plants demands to be pH balanced, and you must test your pH on a regular basis, especially if the plants are starting to show any strange symptoms. Once the pH level becomes too alkaline or acidic, it can be balanced with a range of ways, like adding specific additives to the soil. pH inequalities could also result in the plant’s health problems.


Now that you know the basic things in growing a cannabis plant. You must remember these basic things for you to get a great outcome. It’s time to prepare your tools and get started!

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