Growing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

Growing Marijuana for Medical Purposes

All marijuana strains have medical properties which are optimized if your cannabis is pure and free from any form of additives and chemicals. The two main strains of weed are the cannabis sativa which is an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis and epilepsy; and the cannabis indica which is usually used to aid emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression. It is also good for relieving pains and for treatment of insomnia. There are cross breed strains which are used in a variety of medical conditions. Marijuana doctors are the best authority to decide which strain is good for a certain condition or for a particular individual.

Several good strains of ganja are ideal for beginners who want to grow weeds mostly for medical use. Amongst the most popular seed to begin with is the White Window, which is a variety of cannabis indica. It can grow and flourish anywhere whether in green house, outdoors or indoors that is why is preferred by inexperienced growers. Other popular varieties are Northern lights, UK Cheese, Blueberry, Shiva Shanti and Hog’s Breath. These are very easy to grow and do not require much effort from the grower unlike the other sensitive strains.

It is a known fact that marijuana is a highly effective medicine.  This miracle weed has been used for medical purposes since thousands of years ago. It can effectively relieve sensitive and certain serious medical conditions without affecting the normal body functions. Why is this so? This is because this wonder weed has no recorded long term harmful side effects in humans. Medical cannabis can be bought from medical dispensaries in certain states but growing your own is very advantageous and beneficial especially if you or any of your family members require the therapeutic properties of cannabis. It can save you a lot of money especially during these times of economic crisis.

Growing cannabis for medical purposes require that your produce be 100% clean and natural. The efficiency of this weed in treatment of health disorders is optimized in its most natural condition and organic form. Use of excessive fertilizers and chemicals to enhance the quality of buds and seeds is not encouraged if it is intended for medical reasons only. The beneficial gains from growing your own marijuana is vast, aside from being fun, it is good to know that you have a ready supply when you need to calm down your nerves.

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