Growing Weed Outdoors

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Warm places with abundant sunlight, fresh air, sufficient water supply and fertile soil are perfect for growing premium marijuana outdoors. Pots flourish better and healthier in regions where temperature does not go below 75 degrees. For over a long period of time, outdoor weed growing is still the more preferred method because with the all natural cultivation process, you can produce a 100 % organic and pure cannabis breeds. Without much human intervention and just letting your precious ganja grow and fertilized on its own, it is proven much better in producing natural potent buds. Medical marijuana growers favour clean cannabis strains harvested outdoors to maximize the therapeutic properties of this wonder plant.

Outdoor setting for growing weeds starts with choosing the best strain seed suited for your environmental condition. Usually the ideal strain for outdoor growing is the cannabis sativa. The seeds should be healthy and virile. The ideal planting time for your seeds in warm areas in the United States should be between the last days of April to first week of May.  In other places, be sure that you plant your seeds after the last coldest season of the year. Good drainage is necessary so enough water can get through the fertile soil. Use only the least amount of fertilizer just when you only need to so you will maintain the 100 % purity and cleanliness of your cannabis.

For better protection and healthier produce, plant your pots along monocots and climbing vines. These plants serve as great camouflage and but do not block sunlight that your pot needs. Do not plant marijuana under the shade of tall and big trees to be sure that your baby gets enough sunlight. Outdoor marijuana can grow as tall as twenty feet particularly the male weed. During vegetation, the male marijuana dies naturally after about twelve weeks, so female marijuana can use all its natural nutrients in producing premium buds and flowers. Male marijuana however will not go to waste because if you want excellent dope sans the seeds, pick male marijuana leaves before they shed off pollen.

Outdoor marijuana growing is worth the investment because you can be assured of steady supply of good weed and superior natural seeds. With the upsetting skyrocketing street price of marijuana, growing your own ganja outdoors is a very wise and smart option. You will get to experience optimum performance from your very own guaranteed clean produce.

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