High Yielding Marijuana Strains

High Yield Marijuan

Marijuana growers differ on the ideal cannabis strain that they want.  Some prefer those strains with high potency, strains that are for indoor or outdoor growing, those with the shortest flowering period, and such other characteristics.  There will always be those meticulous enough and will always demand for a particular trait that is applicable only to some ganja strains.  One distinct characteristic of a marijuana strain that is being looked upon most of the time by growers is its ability to produce high yield.  Even if the weed is said to be potent, if the produce is very low, then it is just a waste of time and money in certain instances because growing marijuana requires a lot of both and the ultimate compensation must necessarily come in the form of marijuana yield.

Out of the so many cannabis strains out there and being offered for sale in the internet, three marijuana strains particularly stand-out in terms the excellent yield it gives its owner.  These are the Californian Skunk Marijuana Strain, Dutch Dope Cannabis Strain, Pride of Amsterdam Strain.  Let us take a closer look at the features of each of these ganja babies and find out what makes them the choice when it comes to high yield.

Californian Skunk Cannabis Strain

Bred from the two main strains sativa and indica , this cannabis is a strong variety that can grow in almost any condition.  It is expected to flower on its 9th to the 10th week and with the indoor type of growing, it can give up to 500grams/square meter of harvest.  Truly a high yielder.  Thc level for this variety is 8-15 % and it is known for its happy sativa buzz.

Dutch Dope Marijuana Strain

This strain is the result of several years of continuous breeding with the resulting mix between California sativa and super skunk finally brought to fore this strain known as dutch dope.  Yield is at a high of 475 grams/square meter in indoor growing.  Thc level is at around 15% and the high is just about right with a floating effect.  Growing this cannabis strain is also easy so it is recommended for beginners.

Pride Of Amsterdam Strain

Yield is expected at a high of 500 grams/ square meter of harvest.  Thc level is also a high 15-21%.  It is said to give that much desired stoned to the bone type of high.  this is a sought-after cannabis strain not only because of its high yielding characteristics but also because of excellent trip that it gives.

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