High Yielding Marijuana Strains


Marijuana growers are different from the perfect marijuana strain they desire. Some like high-potency strains, outdoor or indoor growing strains, those that have the shortest flowering phase, and other qualities. These would always be meticulous enough and it will always require a specific feature that is only applicable to a certain ganja strain. A distinct feature of a strain of marijuana that growers consider most of the time is its ability to produce high yielding marijuana strains. Even if marijuana is said to be potent if the product is very low, then in some cases it is only a waste of money and time because growing marijuana requires a great deal of both, and the ultimate compensation must necessarily come in the form of marijuana yield. Here we will show you a brief overview of some of the high yielding potent marijuana strains available today. You must know if you are growing your plant as there are indoors and high yielding outdoor strains.

Out of all these marijuana strains out there and offered for sale on the Internet, three marijuana strains are particularly outstanding in terms of their excellent yield. It’s the Pride of Amsterdam Strain, the Dutch Dope Cannabis Strain, the Californian Skunk Marijuana Strain. Let us look more closely at the characteristics of any of these ganja babies and understand what makes them choose when it comes to high yielding marijuana strains.

Californian Skunk Cannabis Strain

Produced from the two main strains Indica and Sativa, this marijuana is a strong variation that could grow almost in any situation. It is anticipated to flower from the 9th to the 10th week, and with the indoor type of growing, it can yield up to 500 grams per square meter of harvest. Which is definitely a high yield cannabis strain. It’s really a high yielding strain. The THC rate for this variety is 8-15% and is known for its happy Sativa buzz. 

If you’re going to start growing marijuana, Californian Skunk is going to get you in the mood. Once you inhale that sweet citrus scent, reminiscent of the orange zest, you’ll be intrigued to light this baby up. Californian Skunk cannabis treats you to a high, clear-headed, upbeat when taken in moderation. It’s a lot of fun with these Sativa genes. Take a stronger dose and hit the Indica in California marijuana and you’ll feel your body high.

Dutch Dope Marijuana Strain

This strain is the outcome from several years of consistent breeding, with the resulting mixture between Super Skunk and the California Sativa finally giving rise to this strain known as the dutch dope. Yield is 475 grams per sq meter of indoor growth. The THC rate is about 15% and the high is just about right with a floating effect. Growing this marijuana strain is also easy, so it is recommended for newbies

The Dutch Dope strain will give you a feeling of mellow high and stoned body. This is the perfect blend. Dutch Dope represents everything Dutch Dope marijuana stands for. Are you feeling nervous or worried about something? After you smoke the Dutch Dope strain, all your anxieties will be gone. Take a trip with Dutch Dope and feel why the Dutch are so proud of this wonderful hybrid.

Pride Of Amsterdam Strain

Yield is presumed to be 500 grams per square meter of harvest. This really counts as one of the most high yielding cannabis strains today. The THC level is also 15-21% high. And is said to give the much-desired stone to the high bone type. This is a popular marijuana strain, not only for its high yielding characteristics but also because of its excellent journey.

This is best grown indoors strain. It is capable of providing highly dense buds since it has the genes of Northern Light x Big Bud, so growing indoors would also require good ventilation to avoid the growth of molds on heavy colas. It has a powerful skunky fragrance with a taste of citrus and also some fruity undertones.

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