Highest THC Content

Highest THC Content

Feeling adventurous (bordering on dangerous)? Well these strains with the highest THC Content are the answer to your cravings.  Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, the higher the THC content the more psychological effect can be felt. Duration, tolerance, neurological, physiological and appetite are altered on different magnitudes depending on the concentration of THC.


This strain will leave you mellowed down and relaxed. With its high THC content, it’s sure to make you have a good time. Relaxing feeling all the way.

Highest Recorded THC Content: 23%

Taste: sweet

Smell: floral, lemon but often changing

Sensations: Lazy, Euphoric, Uplifting 


A strain that induces hunger, the blueberry is perfect for those who are experiencing problems with appetite. The delicious smoke tasting of blueberries is sensational. It gives a slow high that makes you euphoric. This is definitely a strain that you can smoke everyday despite its high THC content.  The effect is not only food tripping but generally happy as well.

Highest Recorded THC Content: 27%

Taste: blueberry

Smell: blueberry

Sensations: Happiness, increased appetite, euphoria

White  Russian 

A hybrid of AK-47 and White Widow, this is said to be the strongest known strain. This Cannabis Cup winner will give you an energetic high. Its amazing taste will boost your energy and body that would make you feel creative, energetic and even euphoric. So if you ever get your hands on this, you are sure to have the time of your life

Highest Recorded THC Content: 24%

Taste: blueberry

Smell: blueberry

Sensations: Happiness, increased appetite, euphoria

Tangerine Dream

Also a winner of the Cannabis Cup in the year of 2010, many have attested to the quality of this strain. Its effect can be felt immediately but as time will go by, it will go from “awesome” to “best day ever”. You will feel energetic and with boundless energy to just keep on talking.  A happy high.

Highest Recorded THC Content: 25%

Taste: orange, with strong after taste

Smell: tangerine, orange

Sensations: lazy, blissful, talkative

White Widow

A common favorite, the white widow provides a smooth hit and a delicious aftertaste. It gives an intense high, as if you are floating. It will also leave you feeling creative, as if you want to keep on writing songs. This is also a pleasure to smoke while watching movies and listening to music. It gives you a long lasting high. No wonder this is currently the most sought after cannabis strain

THC Content: 20-21%

Taste: fruity

Smell: pine

Sensations: Euphoric, Uplifting feeling

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