Highest THC Content

Highest THC Content

It’s quite hard to pinpoint which cannabis strains have the highest THC content because every strain is not the same. They could be based on sources to sources, and new ones are constantly coming out. And there’s a current issue about CBD and THC, the two of the most famous compounds in cannabis. The psychoactive substance that is responsible for the high that is produced by marijuana is THC. Once a person says that a specific marijuana strain is very strong, it is surely the highest THC content weed. High THC seeds strains can produce psychoactive effects and might be beneficial for increasing appetite, lessening nausea, reducing pain, decreasing inflammation, and can also improve muscle control issues. Usually, Sativa has the highest THC content strains and a lower content of CBD. They opt to produce an invigorating and stimulating effect, making the ideal during daytime use. In this article, we will share with you what is the highest THC content flower and what might be the highest THC strain ever.

Strains with the High THC Content

Silver Haze

Super Haze is a cannabis strain governing at the top when we talk about strains that give an extremely high to its users because of its highest THC content. And also, not all strains could offer such a degree of reputation when it comes to high, not only the high flexing that’s admired by most users, but also in terms of medical benefits. It’s originally crossed because of its medical qualities, with an amazing effect that’s optimal for smoking during the day when you’re searching for a break after such a tiring moment. Super Haze is the successful outcome of crossing the three famous strains which are Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights. This cannabis strain is also an easy to grow plant that has a high resistance to any pests and molds.

GeneticsSativa-dominant (80% Sativa x 20% Indica)
ParentsNorthern Lights x Haze x Skunk #1
Can TreatChronic stress, pain, depression, and anxiety
FlavorGrassy, Citrus, Pungent

Kosher Kush

Kosher Kush is a hard-hitting Indica-dominant strain that has received its very well-deserved fame because of its high THC content reaching 22-25%. When talking about this strain, many will admire its high-yielding abilities, but it’s high strengths stay undervalued and overlooked. And because of this, many newbie cannabis users are blinded by the incredible power of this strain. An overpowering dam of sensory experience invites those that are prepared to take this cannabis without some kind of background check. Its earthy taste of pine is deceivingly flavorful, enticing even for the most deluded pothead. Once it hits the brain, it just never lightens its grip on its user. It whips up an uplifting feeling that will soon overcome various negative emotions and thoughts. A rejuvenating feeling substitutes the psychological effects and spreads to the entire body of its user making it feel more relaxed and calm. This Indica-dominant cannabis strain stunningly exhibits its high-yielding ability once grown in a favorable indoor space. However, it’s also recognized that it produces a great amount of yield once grown outside. 

Can TreatStress, pain, depression, anxiety, PTSD, migraines, lack of appetite
FlavorPine, lemon, herbal, woody, sweet
EffectsHungry, Euphoria, Happy, Relaxing, Sleepy

Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is obtaining  20-22% of THC content that grows in a tall cannabis plant, so it’s not recommended to grow inside if you have limited growing space. This strain offers a euphoric high while having a tangy and sweet taste, just like its original Amnesia hybrid strain. It takes only about 60-70 days from germination to harvesting before it reaches its maturity and could yield around 400 grams per sq meter when grown inside. While outside, it can fully expand its branches and can reach 70-160 cm tall. Additionally, with the optimal climate, this plant could produce around 60-200 grams of every plant. 

GeneticsSativa-dominant (80% Sativa x 20% Indica)
ParentsJamaican x Laotian x Afghan Hawaiian
Can TreatADD/ADHD, Cancer, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Depression,  Loss of Appetite, Migraines, Stress, Mood Swings, Hyperactivity
FlavorCitrus, Lemon, Sweet
EffectsEuphoria, Creative, Giggly, Happy, Energizing,

Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a bizarre Indica-dominant strain, named after the 3 cities that created a triangle shape. This special cannabis strain has been developed to get as many resemblances as the original landrace from which it originated, therefore, users of this strain could expect a lot of heavy Indica effects from this strain. Stimulating and euphoric, this strain produces a huge impact on mental effects. It’s ideal to use if you need to enjoy it with friends, or in any social event. Cultivating this citrus taste marijuana strain needs precision and efficiency as it would involve a great amount of natural soil and rich nutrition once grown outdoors

GeneticsIndica-dominant (85% Sativa x 15% Indica)
Can TreatEye Pressure, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Migraines, Glaucoma, Nausea
FlavorCitrus, Lemon, Sweet, Woody
EffectsCerebral, Body High, Long Lasting, Uplifting, Relaxing

Banana OG

Banana OG has the scent of Christmas pine trees and banana peels, it also has the taste of a banana and some users also said that it somewhat tastes like cinnamon. This strain is an Indica-dominant and also the offspring of OG Kush and Banana. It is one of the strongest weeds as it contains a THC level of around 25%. This cannabis plant has a light green shade and has brown hair that grows faster and gets darker as the time of harvesting is approaching. But the yield of these weed plants is not high. Many users of this strain find Banana OG affordable and offer a high they would enjoy. Banana OG also offers a quick mellow buzz. It mainly affects the body so that the mind would relax and still be functional. The total melting effect could help reduce anxiety and stress. If you are using large quantities of this marijuana, it will make your eyelids extremely heavy, large quantities may also lead to couch-locking. It’s just a great choice for decreasing body inflammation and pain.

ParentsOG Kush x Banana
Can TreatEye Pressure, Chronic Pain, Fatigue, Migraines, Glaucoma, Nausea
FlavorFruity, Tropical, Sweet, Woody
EffectsCerebral, Body High, Long Lasting, Uplifting, Relaxing

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