How to Make Your Weed Last Longer


If you burn marijuana once in a while during all those far-in-between social gatherings, then this is doubtful to be a habit that scratches your wallet. After all, we all are absolutely sure of the many people who depend on marijuana for medical purposes, and also a few others who light a joint every night after a full day of work. You also have to consider the equipment that you are using to get sought high. We are talking about papers, bongs, pipes, vapes, and one-hitters and the whole list could even break the bank if you are a big marijuana aficionado. Although it definitely requires a high level of self-control to reallocate your pot stockpile there are so many things you could do to make a budget so that you can keep those buds for a long time. Keep reading if you want to know more about ways to make your weed high last longer, and how to make your weed last longer.

Tips on How to Make Your Weed Last Longer

Careful consumption of your marijuana is extremely important if a person wants to enjoy marijuana on a budget or to control its tolerance. Controlling the careful balance of time being spent on smoking cannabis and the amount of pot smoked could be hard at times. So here are a few ways about being conscientious about your consumption that could prolong the life of your weed.

  • Use a Grinder

Does grinding your weed make it last longer? Well, one of the perfect ways of saving your cannabis will be to grind it before you pile it inside your smoking device. Grinding marijuana flowers would also generate a higher heat capacity of the material you have so that you can basically pile almost all of the bowls with ground cannabis flowers. Buying a kief-catcher grinder is also a major investment. Grinders which are kief-friendly are really a must-have for every pot smoker. Apart from obtaining kief, get the most potent part of your kush to rip the conductivity down and get it in the optimal burning condition.

A grinder is a good tool for breaking up cannabis and reducing the number of trichomes that lose sticky fingers. You need to make sure that your grinder is properly cleaned to restore those potent crystals that could be easily obtained using some high-proof isopropyl alcohol and also plenty of time and then let the alcohol evaporate.

  • Vaporize

Another way to make your weed high last longer is vaporizing. Combustion provides an immediate high because it delivers the full impact of marijuana instantly as you inhale the smoke. The said effect may be intense at first, but balances out extremely quickly, as well as the high, will also wear apart shortly thereafter. Shifting to a vaporizer when you’re used to burning will alter the way your sessions work. You are going to have a more stable experience that can last longer, and you’re going to have the reward of not having carcinogens from burning. Once you’ve finished spraying, you could save the marijuana and make edibles out of it. Saving and recycling your vaped marijuana is a wonderful two for a single combo.

  • Try Edibles or Even Better Make Your Edibles

Even though you’re a dabber or flower smoker, it’s not a negative concept to explore with a bit of rotation to get you high. A lot of edibles appear to be commercially available, like candies, brownies, ice creams, beverages, and even spreads. You also could make your snacks if you cook. There are a lot of tutorial videos found on the website to help you in the process. 

The effects of cannabis use are also far more prevalent than smoking. Even though it commonly takes a lot longer to feel its effects, once cannabis is released into circulation, the high associated by the body could last 12-24 hours, effectively reducing the desire to smoke. One technique that you could adopt is to schedule and eat sufficient edible food instead of puffing a cloud of smoke, which would save that supposed session in the long run. It’s going to be much easier to keep and even miss a smoke if you’re already high with a cookie infused with cannabis that just got kicked in.

  • Use a Dugout

You can’t stress how far this game is going to change. Soldiers have made popular this ancient element of smoking technology in war, so you know that it does an outstanding role in supporting people to get high and stay high in survival scenarios. Dugout is measured both in storage and in the length of the hit. You know precisely how much you have in a bowl, and how far you have in storage. This obvious ability to control and progressive your consumption with one tool makes a massive difference in how you smoke.

  • Separate Your Stash

It really is safer to store marijuana in different containers rather than one large container. The reason for using multiple storages would be that, as you are using your marijuana, you develop more airspace in the container that could oxidize your bag. Getting down to smaller containers with much less airspace may help to keep the nugs fresh. If you look at your 420 containers, and then it looks mainly full, it could also be mainly vacant after stacking the next bowl. 

Use a number of different storage solutions to see just how much weed you’ve left. Some small containers are safer than one big container. The containers could be kept in separate areas and stored longer.

  • Have Fewer Sessions

If you don’t need it for a medical reason, waking up and getting baked for pleasure could really start putting a huge dent in your stores. If you attempt to be a smoker for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, try to cut off one of those time frames, and then you’ll swiftly see your stockpile extended.

  • Downgrade to Mids

Always going to spring for the most fanciful strain probable can result in a small demand for stunning nugs. Always going to spring for the most fanciful strain probable can result in a small demand for stunning nugs. Possibilities are always those grams of ultimate-Grandaddy Purple Dragon weed are starting to get smoked just as quickly as any other ganja.

  • Add Other Herbs

If you particularly like smoking or steaming marijuana for its flavoring, you may also want to add some extra herbs to your blend. Not only are there shitloads of other plant species you could also smoke which are safe and flavorful, but a few of them also have strange effects. Two of the most famous ones are damiana and mullein. This is one of the best ways to make your weed high last longer.

  • Diversify Your Intake

If you are mainly a dabber or flower smoker, then collect some of the others to rotate at times. Use some of the food and keep it around your pocket. If you schedule ahead and eat a marijuana treat rather than just puffing a plume of smoke, you are going to save that session for the future. It’s going to be easy to keep and miss the smoke unless you’re already high as hell at 420 since that brownie just got kicked in.

Final Thoughts

Each one of these tips is ways to make your weed high last longer so that your pile lasts longer. No one enjoys burning through their weeds too quickly, but with a little extra work, you shouldn’t have to.

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