How to Make Your Weed Last Longer


Are you looking for high-quality cannabis seeds that would help you save more money? There are quite a lot of reliable seed banks online that could help you with that. As well, if you’ve been planning to grow your marijuana to save money from buying in the long term, keep on reading. Check out the information below about cannabis tips on how to make your weed last longer.

You need to be aware of your cannabis use if you’re someone who enjoys cannabis that is on a budget. Continuously time management invested in toke, and the number of pot smoked is easier than it sounds. You would need ways to make your weed high last longer. Like every other thing we consume, this costs a lot of money, and it’s sometimes quite costly. Making the supply of cannabis last longer for daily consumers is not only the issue they face on a daily basis, as well as how to pay it.

Here are a few cannabis tips and tricks that work for marijuana pros and how to make your weed last longer hopefully could help you as well. 

Tips on How to Make Your Weed Last Longer

  • Use a Grinder

One of the perfect ways to conserve your marijuana would be to grind it before you pack inside of your smoking device. Grinding cannabis flowers will enable you to increase the surface area of the substance you have, so practically, you can pack the most bowls with ground marijuana flowers.

Purchasing a kief-catcher grinder is also a great investment. Marijuana Now describes kief as “magical dust that comes down from buds when grinding, harvesting and creating marijuana plants.” Grinders that are kief-friendly are a must-have for each and every cigarette smoker. Aside from collecting kief, use the most potent portion of your ganja to blow down the adhesion then get in the ideal burning situation. When you get low on your marijuana supply, you can start smoking kief on your own as well as sprinkle this over the buds you’ve got for an extra kick.

A grinder is a good tool to break up marijuana and lessen the number of trichomes losing sticky fingers. You just need to ensure that your grinder is cleaned properly to recover those powerful crystals that can be easily achieved through using high-proof isopropyl alcohol as well as plenty of time and let the alcohol dissolve.

  • Try Vaporizing

The combustion process offers you an quick setting high level of experience by bringing in the full effect of marijuana immediately while inhaling smoke.

Trying to shift using a vaporizer when you’re used to smoking marijuana will alter the way your sessions occur. You ‘re going to have a much more stable experience which can last longer. By swapping to spraying, you will also get the benefit of not requiring any carcinogens that could be obtained from burning. Once you’ve finished spraying, you could save the used marijuana or even create edibles from all of this. Reusing and saving your vaporized marijuana could help you save money.

  • Try Edibles or Even Better Make Your Edibles

Even if you’re a flower smoker or a dabber, it wasn’t a negative idea to experiment a bit to rotate to get you high. There seem to be a lot of edibles available on the market, such as candies, ice creams, brownies, beverages, and even spreads, etc. You could even create your food if you know how to cook. There are quite a lot of tutorial videos available on the internet to guide you through the process.

The effects of marijuana use are also much more prominent than smoking. Although it usually takes a lot longer to feel its impacts, once marijuana is released into the blood, the high accompanying body can last 12 to 24 hours, effectively reducing the urge to smoke.

One technique you could adopt is to plan and eat adequate edible food rather than puffing a plume of smoke, which will save that presumed session for the long term. It’s going to be easier to keep or even miss the smoke when you’re already high with a cookie infused with marijuana that just got kicked in.

  •  Have a Daily Limit

When you’re not using marijuana for medical reasons, you should be limited to how much marijuana you smoke every day. Only because you admire smoking weed does not really mean that you have to smoke marijuana one after another. Human bodies could only process so much THC at a time so that at some point you will reach a level of highness that could not be infringed without waiting.

It’s also best for people who start the day to take marijuana to distract themselves and do other things instead. If you’re someone who appears to smoke weeds at breakfast, dinner, and lunch, then you’re going to have a huge positive difference in your reserve. Plan for other activities that you might like to go on a trip and begin a fresh project, etc.

Restricting yourself involves self-discipline. When you’re stuck at home with nothing to do, or once you’ve had a horrible day, it’s easy to overlook what you pledged yourself. It could help increase your self-discipline by setting aside a specific amount of marijuana a day and concealing the rest.

  • Grow Your Cannabis Garden

Take full advantage of the laws when you’re in a country where marijuana is legal. These days, growing cannabis plants is simpler and convenient, so even if you’re a newbie, it wouldn’t be difficult to grow your marijuana garden. It is also a great choice for those who do not want to give up the amount of cannabis they consume.

  • Keep It to Yourself Whenever Possible

Pot activities are designed for communication. Smoking cannabis sessions invite people closer next to each other, sometimes and friends welcome themselves to a smoking session without carrying in their weeds. It may be difficult to deny them even if they are able to contribute to the smoke session. Even if it might be dangerous to smoke cannabis on its own, sometimes it just is one of the most efficient ways to save or prolong weeds. Sharing is really a positive idea, but you don’t always have to be the one who always gives supplies, especially if you’re on a budget.

  • Eat Mangoes

For cannabis users who go on a limited budget and still want an intense high, you might want to try to eat mangoes first. It is an old tactic, but it delivers good results. Fruits like mangoes are rich in myrcene, a terpene that is also found in cannabis flowers. When we ingest myrcene in our body, it comes into contact with THC substances to increase your high. This gimmick is supposed to be done 45 minutes before you start taking it. 

Not only will mangoes help you improve your high, and also make it last longer. Even though there is no real scientific evidence supporting the efficiency of the technique, some marijuana pros believe by the trick.

  • Consider on Downgrading

If you’re someone who always prefers the most fanciful strain, you might want to consider looking for other alternatives. Some strains are normally more potent, meaning that you need only a small amount to accomplish a pleasing high, whereas other strains become less potent but usually cheaper to purchase. Based on what your choices are, choose to use a strain that would get you there, but it was still within you.

  • Try Separating Your Weeds

Also, it’s important to keep your cannabis supply in separate jars rather than one big one or container. The purpose storing separately is that although you use marijuana regularly, you generate more air build up  inside the container or jar that could cause oxidation of your stash. Selecting a tinier storage area with much less airspace would also assist in keeping your stash fresh.

Use a number of different storage solutions to see and keep track of just how much marijuana you have in stock for.

Obtaining smaller jars is better than a large jar but since smaller market choices could also be managed to keep in multiple places and stored longer. As well, try not to bring all your stashes with you when you’re out. Not only will you potentially lose this somehow, but you could also end up using it all as well.

  • Experiment with Concentrates

Marijuana concentrates are produced by accessing valuable cannabinoids from the cannabis plant. This results in substantially more potent products being produced. By using or consuming concentrates such as flowers, you would be able to determine the impact of marijuana products needed to get high to allow you to keep your stash longer.


Whether you’re a marijuana user who likes to indulge regularly or even when you’re a devoted smoker, all marijuana enthusiasts would like to save cash on their favorite plant. This is especially true of people that rely on their paydays. It all comes down to either preserving your marijuana or even just searching for the perfect deals to ensure you don’t spend too much.

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