Ideal Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Ideal Indoor/Outdoor Marijuana Strains

Amsterdam Indica Cannabis Strain

A mix between Northern lights and the Afghan strain.  It grows to a short 35-50 cm but it is deceiving in the sense that even while its short, it is known to produce a lot of big colas and it develops crystal-like resins on the flowers.  Flowering time for this baby is a short 8 to 9 weeks.  The thc content is quite high at 15-20%.  Many  serious growers have tried growing and maintained a stock of this cannabis strain because of its rare mostly indica features.

Crystal Rain Marijuana Strain

This indica/sativa mix is the result of meticulous genetic blending between White Widow and Northern Lights.  This strain is popular for its sweet taste and aromatic scent but is most popular with its hard hitting and quick to the draw type of high.  Makes you feel lively and up and about when under its spell.  Growing expectation should be on the moderate side, meaning there must already be some background in weed growing before this strain is attempted.  THC content is a potent 15 to 20%

Maroc x Skunk Marijuana Strain

One of the rare indica/sativa mix because not many online cannabis shops carry this strain.  It is very resinous and the taste is distinctly hash when it is smoked.  THC level is 15 to 20% and the high it provides is one of a kind.  It flashes a happy high and lightens the mood to a certain extent.  Nice for party get-togethers and other jamming sessions.

There are also other marijuana strains that can be grown indoor and outdoor but so far these three hug the limelight to a great extent and therefore only means that they still receive a wide following among ganja growers around the world.  So when it’s time to look for the possible marijuana strain to be grown whether indoor or outdoor, remember them always.

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