How to Identify Marijuana Seeds

How to Identify Marijuana Seeds

For those who want to buy cannabis seeds online, they usually make a choice between the strains available.  Some rely on the name given to a marijuana strain and the popularity that is attached to that name, while others have a more pre-defined idea on what ganja seeds they want to buy.  To the first, a good number of them are users and commercial marijuana breeders who want to take a hold of famous and in-demand marijuana seeds and later on possibly distribute the same.  To the second pertain those who have a specific use for the weed that they intend to purchase online and they could be those who buy marijuana seeds and grow it for medical research purposes, those who need it for personal medication like pain killer or relaxant and such other reasons.

This article would like to focus then on the 3 major varieties of the cannabis plant.  It is from these varieties that most all of the other strains were developed using cross breeding methods.


The sativa variety is endemic in the equatorial region of the globe and as such, grows best in a tropical climate.  Many of those who purchase marijuana seeds of this variety and smoke its weed love the distinct cerebral high that is particular to a sativa strain.  This ganja plant can be identified with its long thin leaves as compared to its opposite the indica variety.  It can grow to about 16 feet in height and there are claims that it can even reach as high as 20 feet.  Sativa cannabis nowadays can be grown indoors and outdoors.  Though it is best grown outdoors, the breeding technology prevalent nowadays allowed it to also flourish in grow rooms.


The indica variety of cannabis is shorter as compared to its kin the sativa.  The high that it gives is comparable to a stoney feeling.  Many indicas have a very high THC content that is almost similar to a narcotic high.


This is the most neglected among the family of cannabis.  It has not much use really for smoking because it has very low THC content as compared to both the sativa and indica varieties.

Over the years, the many breeding approaches produced a cross breed of both the sativa and indica as well as ruderalis in some instances.  Today, there are said to be hundreds if not thousands of weed strains available and most of them are available online and this is why a lot of people order marijuana seeds online.

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