Importance of Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain

Importance of Choosing the Right Marijuana Strain

From the usual sativa/indica and even ruderalis varieties, a whole slew of different strains are now available for the marijuana grower to choose from.  The many cross breeding and mixing of the two main varieties have brought forward many possibilities and though it seems that the hybridization of cannabis has somehow reached a peak, it is believed that many new strains can still be developed and exciting qualities are also expected to be discovered later on.

THC ContentThis is supposed to tell you of the potency of a particular strain.  The expected high will depend on the numbers indicated as the thc level.  The lower the level, the weaker the effect is the understanding.  But some smokers do not rely on the strength and actually just look for the kind of effect a certain cannabis strain gives.

Grow Difficulty

This will tell you the level of expertise needed in order to grow a particular strain.  Each strain is given a level of either easy, moderate, and difficult.  This is an important information that must be shared with the new grower.

Flowering Time

This is the expected length of time a marijuana strain is expected to flower from the time it is planted.  There are weed strains that will require longer periods to be ready for harvest and there are also those that have auto-flowering features.

 Weed Variety

This will tell you if it is a sativa or indica.  Sativa is generally taller as compared to an indica cannabis.  This gives you an idea basically on which of the two main strains you prefer to grow.  There are those who are especially inclined to grow indica and vice versa.

Growing Method

This portion will tell you if a particular strain is best grown indoors or outdoors.  There are also those that can be grown using both environments and this is normally the case in the hybrid varieties.


This actually is one of the most reviewed portion of the marijuana strain information.  Many weed smokers prefer the effect more than other things and rightly so because it is actually in the smoking that you will get to know and identify your favourite weed strain.

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