Some Important Guides To Indoor Marijuana Growing

Important Guides To Indoor Marijuana Growing

Choosing the right marijuana strain is the first and foremost consideration for any weed grower.  You don’t want to waste your time on something that you never really intended to grow so a better understanding of the ganja strains, their peculiarities and attending circumstances for growing must all be considered.  In looking for the proper strain, you also have to consider whether you will grow weed indoors or outdoors.  There are pot varieties that are grown exclusively indoors and there are also those that can be grown outdoors.  Beginners in particular normally choose those cannabis strains that can be planted whether indoor or outdoor and there are many such varieties available online where you can purchase seed weed variety of your own choice.

The next thing that must be considered is the kind of medium where to grow your marijuana.  Are you going to grow using soil or water for indoor growing?  If it is soil, then choose the soil that is best for growing cannabis seeds and it can also be bought online or in some local gardening and even pet shops locally.  Get the best soil available even if it costs a little higher than the others because you need to give your ganja the best especially during its initial growing stages.

Fertilizers are equally important.  This is true even if you have already used the best kind of soil to start with cannabis growing.  Remember that your weed plant also eats and takes away the nutrients in the soil.  This necessitates the application of fertilizers every now and then.  Be sure however to apply only the needed amount of fertilizers periodically and not be too eager to over-feed your growing marijuana because it might do more harm than good to the weed.

Lighting plays an important role especially in indoor marijuana growing and the right kind of lighting is needed every step of the growing phase.  There is a need to replace the color and intensity of the bulbs periodically up to the flowering period in particular so be wary of the needed lights.  You can choose from CFL, HID, and LED lights among others.

The growroom temperature must also be controlled from 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.  Just make sure that it does not become too hot because the leaves might dry.  Ventilation plays an important part also and this is especially true if there are more weed plants in the growing room.  Watering is always a part of the marijuana growing process and the growing pot must be rich with water but not too much to drown it.

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