Indoor Grow Lights for Cannabis

Indoor Grow Lights for Cannabis

Growing cannabis indoor operations is rising. One of the main reasons for this is the widespread legalization of marijuana in many countries and states. Another reason is the relative ease of growing marijuana plants with modern technology, state of the art equipment. It is even useful for newbie growers who are looking for a single marijuana plant to raise. Growing marijuana at your own house could possibly save you money, for the aspiring cannabis users. You could cut the middleman and grow the weed from seed to flower, and in the end to joint. You must choose the right indoor grow lights for cannabis if you really want to start growing cannabis indoors. You can’t get a beautiful harvest if you don’t have enough light. So, it is important to get the best grow lights for cannabis indoors, the one that you could afford because the best lighting is equal to the highest quality THC. There’s a lot of various types of indoor marijuana grow lights available that getting the ideal ones for you is a little bit challenging. 

In this article, we will feature the list of indoor grow lights for weed you could trust and is currently available in the market. Some of them are a little bit pricey, while some of them are cheap. You’ll achieve a successful growing journey if you use the light correctly, despite their price. 

Fluorescent Grow Lights

Fluorescent is one of the best lights for growing weed indoors that comes in many different sizes and shapes, from long tubes to twisty bulbs. This indoor grow lights for cannabis are famous because they make pleasing and effective lighting herb gardens, other kinds of a discreet indoor garden without, and humans without using a lot of electricity. 

CFL Grow Lights

CFL growing lights are the twisty bulbs you could find anywhere you usually buy light bulbs. They generate a great scale for marijuana growing and could be used in small areas where no other growing lights will fit like the inside of a box or cabinet. 

T5 Grow Lights

T5 growing light is one of the most easily available kinds of growing lights and is used to growing many various kinds of plants. They are available in many home improvement and gardens stores. T5 are wider and bigger than CFLs and normally come as part of controls, but they could still be kept just inches away from your plants without thinking about burning them.

Pros of Fluorescents

  • They do not use a lot of electricity or make a lot of heat except if you have a lot packed together in a tiny space. 
  • Great light scale for growing marijuana
  • One of the best lights for growing weed indoors, seedlings, young plants, and clones. Big lights should be kept far away from the young plant to prevent burning them, which would result in a lot of energy and light. You could save a lot of money on electricity during those first weeks compared to using high-powered growing lights, by using small lights like fluorescent while the plants are still small. 
  • Cheap price
  • They are a great choice for small spaces since the lights could safely be kept just inches away from plants.

Cons of Fluorescents

  • They are not strong enough to support tall plants in the flowering stage. The lights from a fluorescent light do not pierce far down into the plant so they’re best fit to plants that have been trained to grow flat and short. 
  • Fluorescent light gets smaller yield every watt unlike other kinds of growing lights you are using during the flowering phase while buds are developing. With fluorescent light, you could expect around 0.25 gr of buds per watt of electricity, while HPS gets 2 to 4 times as much yield every watt of electricity.

This is one of the best lights for growing weed indoors, seeds, young plants, clones, supplement lighting and could save you a penny on electricity in the vegetative phase compared to using high-powered lights when plants are still young to use it all.

High-Intensity Discharge Lights (HID)

HID growing lights are more effective compared to fluorescent lights and are charged by large, strangely-shaped bulbs. They’re usually screwed into a hood or reflector to mirror more lights down into the plants. HID is best light for growing weed indoors, but they also get very hot and are typically linked to exhaust to help emit heat.

Metal Halide (MH) Grow Lights

Metal Halide growing lights are usually used for the vegetative phase because they generate a bluish light color the vegetative plants want, even though this kind of light could also be used all the way to harvest. 

High-Pressure Sodium Lights (HPS)

HPS growing lights are sometimes used during the flowering phase because they’re very effective and their yellow light color restores bud production. High-Pressure Sodium growing lights in the flowering phase get better yield every watt of electricity compared to other kinds of growing lights available today, which is a huge part if they’re famous. 

  • Ceramic Metal Halide and Light Emitting Ceramic Grow Lights

There are just two names for the same type of grow lights. This kind of metal halide light uses ceramic in part of the lamp like a High-Pressure Sodium. CMH bulbs are much more effective compared to regular MH lights.

Pros of HID Grow Lights

  • HPS growing lights are the most effective and the best lights for growing weed indoors, of all the HIDs. You could anticipate around 0.5-1 gram per watt if all used correctly, once you are using HPS growing lights in the flowering phase.
  • HID grow lights are easy to use because they could be using the right space from the plants with no extra work on your part, and don’t need to change the lights all the time. 

Cons of HID Grow Lights

  • HID lights get really hot and produce more heat. You would almost want to put the bulb in the hood and also give some kind of cooling to avoid heat from beaming down into your plants and giving the ambient temp of your grow or tent room because it is concentrated heat production. This is very important for the bigger grow lights with power more than 250 watts. 
  • Extra setup, most growers used an exhaust fan with ducting to let out the heart. Unluckily, the aspect of having to deal with the fan and ducting scares off many cannabis growers from HID grow light. 
  • HID grow light means a few more parts unlike other kinds of grow lights. Fluorescent are bulbs and most LEDs are the light itself. But most HID settings have at least a bulb, an external equilibrium, and an additional cable if you do not count the exhaust system parts. 

There is larger size HPS/MH growing lights available (1000watts), but at that size, it begins outside the scope of a “hobbyist” cannabis growers as far as ease & yields. Additionally, the need for a lot of additional cooling which is worth electricity, 1000watts HPS growing lights use less effectively compared to a 600watts growing light. HID is one of the indoor grow lights for cannabis and very easy to use when they are set up. If you aim to get the highest yield possible, the HID grow lights is the one! But, they do need additional set up compared to other growing lights because opportunities are you would need a fan to let out heat from your growing space. 

LED Grow Lights

LED growing lights are famous among marijuana growers as an option to HPS growing lights. They are apt to run cooler and also come with built-in cooling. Sometimes they could be plugged in the wall and simply hung over the plants which are definitely easier than putting an HID growing lights. LEDs also have great cleverness so they don’t need to be placed frequently like the fluorescent. 

Pros of LED Grow Lights

  • The smaller the LEDs could be plugged directly in the wall and hung over your plant, without the need for extra work. You could just plug then in and begin growing. 
  • LEDs almost have built-in cooling that pushes the heat up and away from the plants. LEDs run very cool and many cannabis growers are able to get away without letting out heat. 
  • Some cannabis growers think that LEDs generate more resinous buds. Blending LED with HPS growing lights is getting some cannabis growers great outcomes, even though more testings are needed. 

Cons of LED Grow Lights

  • Even though the LED light itself normally does run a lot cooler than the same watts HPS bulb, they still generate and the bigger sizes like 300wattas might need to be let out with an exhaust fan to avoid the growing space from getting too warm. 
  • LEDs get a little bit smaller yields every watt than HPS growing lights on average, regardless of what some sellers might tell you. There’s a recovery once it comes to getting the better yield from your LEDs, partially because every lamp is different and there is no “standard” to go by yet. 
  • LED growing lights apt to need a lot of distance between your plants and lamp, which indicates you need a tall-growing room to get the best outcomes. This is definitely the major thing holding in from trying LEDs. Smaller LEDs must be kept “18 or more” throughout the second half of the flowering phase to avoid light burning your buds, and some of the bigger models must be kept “30 or more” away from the buds.

Final Thoughts

Fluorescent and LED growing lights are the best option if you are looking for discretion. If it’s effective you are after, HID is the best lights for growing weed indoors available. That’s it, as long as you would not mind your high electricity bill. Choose the one that is perfect for you and work to its advantages, because different options work perfectly for different solutions. When you have chosen the perfect indoor grow lights for cannabis you need, you can immediately start growing your marijuana.

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