Indoor Grow Lights for Cannabis

Indoor Grow Lights for Cannabis

Indoor marijuana growing is said to be easier as compared to outdoor weed growing and this is because with indoor ganja growing, the grow room can be built and adjusted to particular specifications, unlike the outdoor method where the environment is not controlled and the growth will depend on the conditions given by mother nature. With indoor pot-growing, the weed plant can be made to flower even if it is supposedly off-season.  Pests, diseases are also easier to control especially if they grow room is properly sanitized. With indoor growing, other methods and platforms other than the soil can also be used like hydroponics where water is the main vehicle used.  These are some of the reasons why indoor marijuana growing is ever-popular all over the world and many enthusiasts are expected to still follow this marijuana growing method.

Though indoor marijuana growing is more akin to the peculiarities of the weed grower’s needs and therefore easier as compared to outdoor growing in this respect, some guidelines must be strictly followed to make sure that ganja will grow according to expectations. One of the important considerations is lighting. It plays an important role in pot growing and it is present in most part during the growth cycle. Without marijuana growing lights, one cannot expect the weed plant to survive in an indoor growing environment. The lights take the place of the sun and therefore serve to provide the nourishment needed as far as lighting is concerned.

Not just any type of lighting can be used for indoor marijuana growing so a full understanding of this aspect is important. For growing ganja, the blue light is normally used while the red light is used to induce flowering. The lighting must be controlled to a given number of hours and it is usually 12-18 hours for a sprouting marijuana seed. Fluorescent lights can be allowed to light a sprouting marijuana seed for 18 hours to a full day and this is, to begin with, the vegetative stage of growth. The amount of light given and how properly it is administered will actually determine the growth of the ganja plant.

The famous lighting used includes HID for growing lights and it has two variations called High-pressure sodium lights and metal halide. CFL and fluorescent grow lights are effectively used for growing weed and are chosen especially for growing. Then there is also the LED which is growing in popularity because it costs cheaper in terms of electricity and has a longer lighting life span. It also has very low heat so the possibility of getting dried up leaves is eliminated to a great extent.

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