Lighting Equipments for Indoor Marijuana Growing

indoor marijuana growing

Lighting equipment is the central and most important apparatus that you need in indoor marijuana growing. The light bulb simulates and replicates the natural sunlight and its varying degree of hotness. We all know that sunlight is the element used by all plants during photosynthesis. It is the process by which green plants turn water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbohydrates with the use of light energy. Insufficient light means reduced and substandard crop so lighting equipment is something that you really need to invest in if you want high yields and potent buds.

Light bulbs are the most expensive of all the devices that you need for your indoor ganja growing method. Since it costs a lot, you should be meticulous and particular in choosing the tested quality brands. Nobody surely wants to invest a fortune in a lemon, so be extra careful. You can ask for the advice of trusted vendors, your friends and experienced cannabis growers. Online growing guides usually recommend reliable brands together with all the complementary devices and fixtures that you will need for your lighting equipment.

There are two types of grow bulbs which are ideal in attaining the maximum growth potential of your ganja plants. These are the High-pressure Sodium (HPS) and the Metal Halide (MH) bulbs. Both of these are categorized as high-density discharged lamps. With HID lamps, the amount of light produced is much stronger as compared to the output of ordinary lights of the same size. This is the reason why MH and HPS lamps are very efficient sources of light energy for your indoor growing method. For safety and to maximize lighting function, you need to have a good knowledge on how to install the fittings of these lamps. You will be needing ballast for clean and regular current flow.

Objectively speaking, both MH and HPS lamps are important and needed in the entire growing process. Metal halide bulb is ideal for vegetation phase because it emits light in the blue/white end of its spectrum. This kind of lighting makes the cannabis grow solid, dense and bushy and it prevents the plant from shooting upwards. While HPS bulb is perfectly suited during flowering and seeds production because it releases red, orange, and yellow spectrum light. These light bulbs might be expensive but in long term basis its cost is worthwhile because you will have a steady supply of guaranteed quality marijuana.

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