Marijuana Equipments For Indoor Growing

kinds of Indoor Marijuana Growing

Growing marijuana entails having on stock and ready certain equipments.  Some are indispensable while others are meant on standby basis and will be used only when it is necessary.  Indoor marijuana growing in particular will require a lot of equipments.  This is due to the inherent limitation of this kind of growing method which must be compensated by equipments. For those who want to indulge in indoor marijuana growing, here are some basic equipments that will be needed.

Electric Fans or Blowers

The air must be able to circulate freely inside the grow room.  This will prevent the room from growing too humid.

CO2 Equipment

All plants need carbon dioxide and therefore it must be provided in a grow room to make sure that the cannabis plant will get enough of it to hasten growth.  Co2 is available in tanks and can be purchased easily.

Hydroponics Equipments

If it is the hydroponics system that wants to be applied, then there are suppliers who can provide a pre-packaged hydroponics equipment.  It contains the whole set-up needed and there is not much items to be added anymore.  What is important is to make sure that you get the best deal in buying the set-up.

Light Systems

Indoor marijuana Growing is reliant mainly on lightings.  Lights are meant as a replacement to the light provided by the sun so it must be really bright and in the right wattage as well as lumens.  The distance between the plant and the light must be according to standards and this is also true in terms of the number of hours that the growing cannabis must be exposed to lighting.

Hydroponics Growing Medium

In exchange for the usual soil, hydroponics use another medium where the growing weed is made to attach itself.  It could be perlite, moss, rockwool, and other means other than soil.

Water distribution system

In an indoor set-up, there must be constant supply of water such that a water tank may be devoted for its exclusive use.  some also use the automated watering system where water is given to the plant in such intervals.  It is also in the water that the necessary nutrients are included and once it passes, the roots will feed on the said nutrients carried by water.

Meters and Testers

The acidity in the soil must be monitored regularly and that is why Ph testers must always be at hand.  The same follows with temperature testers as this is necessary to monitor the temperature and humidity in the grow room.

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